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  1. So, is there a source for the pigment added clear lacquer/varnish? I'd like to get this to match as closely as possible.
  2. @wtnhighlander, Can you recommend a brand/mfg for the suspended pigment gel stain? Home Depot and Lowes are fairly close but I can order from a specialty shop if the product quality would lead to a better finished result. Thanks.
  3. Hi wtnhighlander, Appreciate the reply. I was hoping to avoid sanding the entire surface and but the results it seems that that is the only way to get that surface looking somewhat uniform. Do you have a suggestion as to which brand of gel stain would perform the best? Thanks!
  4. Been a reader for a while , getting tips and researching some things - this is my first time posting. Bottom of cabinet had water damage and I sanded it out and got some stain to try to match as close as possible. But, the sanded area is not taking the stain at all. It is way, way lighter than what it should be and is no where near the original color. I read where using a coarser grade of sand paper will allow the wood to absorb more color, but before I start again, I wanted to ask if there is anything else I can do to get the spot darker and as close to the rest of the finish