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  1. Hi Terry, this is great news! Thank you so much for the detailed reply (and the paper bag tip!), I will give it all a go! Have a good day! Thanks again.
  2. Hi Terry, thanks very much. After wiping with white spirits and sanding, will the Danish Oil have treated permanently? Or will I be able to get back to the natural wood that I started with (pre treating)? Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Thank you @wtnhighlander and @TerryMcK for your advice. I will attempt to wipe off some of the product, although it may be too late. I'm glad to hear that I will be able to sand the chair back. @TerryMcK the product you recommend, this is an alternative finish after sanding? Thank you both again.
  4. Hi, I hope somebody can help. I have varnished a mid century Ercol chair with Colron Danish Oil (Georgian Medium Oak) and hate the colour! I had previously sanded this back and was hoping for a more natural oak colour, but the resulting colour is quite orange. A complete rookie error, as I know now I should have tried the colour first in an inconspicuous place. The chair is still drying, so there may be some hope still. However, is there anything I can do? I'm more than happy to sand back and start again, but is it too late? Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received! Thank you