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  1. Hi everyone, Just a general and very broad question here. What, according to you is the best type/kind of wood is good? I mean, woods which you think are best for your home? I believe there are various types of woods available and people different types of woods in their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc. So, what you believe is best and good woods in terms of durability and all. Thanks.
  2. Today, I read one of the best thriller book named as "The Night She Disappeared" written by Lisa Jewell. If you are into novels, then I'd definitely want you to read her latest novel. It is full of suspense/mystery. You'll be on-the-edge of your seat while you are reading. It seems it is her best novel yet. Do check it out if you get time. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, what? Which wood & where?
  4. I think there are several reasons. The most common I'd seen that people are scared because you never know whether you'll alive after taking the vaccine or not, your immunity is strong enough to endure the effects of the vaccine if you are above 45+ and suffering from co-morbidities. This reason is what I've heard from closed friends and colleagues and because they lost loved ones after they took 1st dose of vaccine. So, it is this because of why I also thinking thrice whether to take it or not.
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    Awesome Mate! Keep doing the great work. Looking forward to your update. Thanks!
  6. Don't know mate. I just joined this forum. Exploring first the Off-topic section to see what people here writes which might interest me. I hope others will reply you.
  7. I did several things today. I started first by going to the gym and then after breakfast started reading some books pending to read. After reading, started my office work from home and then ate a delicious lunch after which took a nap of 1 hour and then again back to work. This is how my days goes by.