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  1. Sorry I just saw your question. I used the VOC compliant satin finish waterlox. My latest project, which you can in the Finishing forum, I used shellac and Liberon Black Bison paste wax instead of the Waterlox. Thanks for your question. Kevinartman
  2. Hey Chestnut, Yeah, there is something rewarding about pumping life back into a piece of furniture that someone, a long time ago, worked on. It feels like traveling back in time and that you almost know the craftsman who built these. Looks like you are doing a great job. Keep doing what you do. Cheers, Kevinartman
  3. Thanks Gee-Dub, Misery loves company.
  4. Hello again, As promised, I am posting some photos of the finished product. I feel a little defeated, but the lessons learned were worth the effort. One lesson is, when you see an antique piece that has been painted white, keep walking! I decided to go "old school" at the end using shellac and wax. Thanks again for your comments. Kevinartman
  5. I hope you are right, I was uncertain if the stain would solve the problem. I am using GF antique walnut gel stain. I will post my progress. Thanks
  6. Hi Barron, Yes the dye, Trans tint is a great product, but maybe these are not the best photos to illustrate my problem. There is white paint in the grain that I will have to hide somehow. Here is a better photo. Thanks for your comments, Kevinartman
  7. Yeah,I really got myself in a pickle(no pun intended). Thanks for your input. Kevinartman
  8. Hi everyone, I could use some advice. I took on a job as a favor to Father in Law. Two L and J.G Stickley side chairs that had been painted white, stripped(probably dipped), and than coated with latex polyurethane. In the photos you can see my problem. I sanded relentlessly from 80 to 180 and thought that I could cover up the white in the grain with paste wax after the Dye, sealer, stain and Waterlox. The photo shows the oak after the Dye. Any suggestions?
  9. Hey Chet, Beautiful job!, I am about to put a finish on two L & J.G. side chairs. I think your finish would work well for my project. I have to do more research on what they are supposed to look like. Thanks for posting, I'll post my results when I am finished. Regards, Kevinartman
  10. Hi Mark J, I made the rail from two pieces glued together. I clapped them together first, then drilled the dowel holes, separated them and glued them around the glued dowels. the fit around the dowels was a bit loose, but the glue filled in any gaps. I used Titebond III, although polyurethane glue would have been a good choice too. Thanks for your interest, Kevinartman
  11. Hey Treeslayer, My Father-in-Law is an Arts and Crafts dealer and he assures me that it is authentic. He showed me a picture from a Stickley catalog, It is design # 2627 circa 1902-03. Here is a photo of another one I found for sale online:
  12. Yes, you are correct. Since it wasn't going to be seen and even if it was, it was the only way I solve the problem. Thanks for your interest, Kevinartman
  13. I picked up this Stickley Arts and Crafts sewing rocker at an auction for 40 bucks. It needed a little TLC, the problem was ; how to replace the front rail without taking the whole chair apart. This was my solution, sorry for the bad photos.
  14. Thanks, upon further review of the post, I realized that the original post had the information I needed. Sincerely, Kevinartman
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the encouraging remarks. Kevinartman
  16. Thanks for your positive remarks. Kevinartman
  17. Sorry, this is the photo of before: Thanks for your feedback Kevinartman
  18. Hi yes it is more red than the original finish most likely was. (See photo of what was left of this finish when I began). The photos of the sample colors in the Jewitt article are not exactly representative of the actual results, I should have tested more. Will try to do better on the two L an J.G. Stickley side chairs that are my next project. Thanks for your feedback. Kevinartman
  19. Hi, Sure, the link is I followed the sample #4 and it came out too red, Like the old adage says: test, test and test. I ordered other colors of the Trans Tint dyes and will use one that is more brown on my next project; restoring two L and JG Stickely side chairs. I substituted Waterlox satin finish instead of the General Finishes Arm R Seal, which is a urethane product that doesn't penetrate the wood as well as Waterlox, which is a varnish/tung oil formula. Good luck with your project. Kevinartman
  20. Hi, could you tell me what TransTint dye you used. I followed Jewitt's directions for this Limbert chair that I restored. It is redder that I wanted. Also, I used Waterlox instead of the General Finishes Arm R Seal he recommended. Thanks, And Great job by the way, Kevinartman