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  1. I'm looking into the same thing. One plan I've found says to use pressure treated wood. I've never actually used a Big Green Egg, but I don't think the outside gets that hot because of the ceramic bits. It also says the cooker won't go above 350F. The lid gets hot, but the body itself shouldn't.
  2. I could see that being suitable for the weekend DIY Guy. But I would be worried about how well it held up to long term use. The Woodsmith Shop built something similar as a miter saw stand, but it folded up against the wall for storage. I'm too chicken for something like this. Apparently, my mutant super power is to not drill into studs.
  3. If you can wait, I'd suggest watching the Tooliday feed. Right now they seem to be on a Dewalt kick but there have been a few circular saws lately. They've tempted me a few times, but Amazon + Prime has offered better deals. Didn't they recently say they were going to divide their tools into tiers? Like Dewalt and Porter-Cable will always be the premium tools and Black and Decker will always be the low end? Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't cutting corners as much as they can and hoping people would overlook little flaws because of the name.
  4. It is working for me. A turned post bed is the project. This is a great page for diagnosing weird internet gremlins.
  5. Personally, I put my belief into my saws.
  6. Isn't there one of the magazine editors that suggests replacing the table saw with a band saw because a band saw is just as powerful, but more flexible since it can do complex curves. I don't know about that. But it seems like table saws are deeply ingrained into our culture.