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  1. Update: ended up using a band saw and 3" spindle sander, which worked great. A little slow, but with an extra set of hands we made short work of it. Went this route because it turns out I didn't have a big enough hole saw and I was too impatient to order one. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. I was looking up how I would do this last night, something like this? (Though this has the template below the working piece and uses toggle clamps.)
  3. This was kind of my idea. Was going to build a simple jig with stops and clamp it to the table. The stops wouldn't be wide enough to get under the drill press though the sacrificial board they'd be screwed/nailed to would be. Then I could just butt each new working piece against the stops, drill, remove and repeat. But the bit walking because the center isn't engaged in the wood seems like it will be an issue so I'll probably have to reconsider.
  4. I want to cut the corner off a 1x4 (that's ~9" high) with a radius that's approximately 1.5" wide and high, something like this: My idea was to use a 3" forstner bit and drill press, but have some concerns about the bit shifting around since the center spur would need to be right on the corner of the board. Any suggestions for how to do this that's relatively quick and easily repeatable? I'd need to make.... a lot, so I don't want to use my jig saw or anything. Thanks!