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  1. Why can you not get the answer for beginner questions? I am building a huge work shop in the back yard. I would like to make a French Cleat Wall System. After reading hundreds of U-TUBE questions and answers, I find that those who give information include more than enough information so that I will need a slide rule to get the answer/s for a simple question. PROS !!!!!! Please remember that those who need answers are not the pros who have been doing this for 40 years. THIS IS ALL I WANT TO KNOW?????? How many inches do I need from one French Cleat wall board to the next? DO I NEED TO MEASURE FROM TOP TO TOP OR MEASURE THE SPACE BETWEEN THE WALL BOARDS OR DO I JUST MAKE THE WALL BOARDS ALL AT DIFFERENT SPACING/S? I would love it if someone could give me the information so I don't waste my time and supplies trying to re-invent the wheel.