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  1. @coop yes, I still have some final filing to do. I'm going to try to syringe it in instead of pour to get more control.
  2. Hi, I ran into problems with my mild not holding so now I have a lot of black epoxy over flow that has stained the wood. When I go over it with mineral spirits I don't see the stain, does that mean you won't see it in my finish so I don't have to worry about sanding it out? Going to use rubio monocoat finish. TIA
  3. 2" thick. I'm going to cut 6-7" of the end and use the other side as the top. Table
  4. This would be different from "Bar Keepers Friend" right? That didn't work. I do plan on adding 2 butterflies on the fron and 2-3 on the back for support and 3 C channels.
  5. Hi, novice here. I got a slab of wood with dark black spots I'm having trouble sanding out. I want to take it back to get planed again. Can I epoxy the crack before the shop planes it? Crack runs almost entire length I'm concerned about transport plus I figured less sanding/ clean up work needed after epoxy. TIA