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  1. Edit (for another 60 minutes) Does that middle shaft come out from the cover? The one that is poking through the cover? Maybe I can beat it with a hammer to back the cover off it and expose the gears?
  2. After fiddling around with it, it looks like the bottom gear is stuck from pulling out because the middle gear is blocking it. I saw videos of this, it shows it just pulling out but it doesn't look like it does that.
  3. This is for the 209-1 planer by powermatic. I'm trying to open the gearbox and it looks like the gear shift is blocking me from pulling the cover off. Its hard to take a picture of because the cover is only open an inch but there's a clutch that is connected to the gear shift thats wrapped partly around this shaft that pokes out of the middle of the cover. I tried prying the clutch off but no luck. This is a picture of the shaft that has the clutch partly wrapped around it. Any one have an idea how to get this cover off?
  4. That makes sense, thanks for the help.
  5. I have a Powermatic 209-1. The 20" planer. Those 4 screws on top loosen the gearbox. Do they operate like a sensitive calibration set up or can I just tighten everything without a problem?
  6. I'm thinking of putting in a helical cutter head soon and I was wondering if anyone knew how the gearbox holds the cutter. I know there are screws that hold the gearbox on the frame but is it like a sensitive set up? Does it require calibrating or can I just screw it tight? I'm curious if during this part of installing the cutter head is it possible to have alignment problems because of the screws holding the gearbox.