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    Video can be found here: https://youtu.be/QVikDfqXVUU
    Storing batteries can be very dangerous, especially 9 volts. 9 volts are particularly dangerous because they have both the + and - terminals right next to each other. This can cause these batteries to easily contact something conductive and heat up extremely fast. This extreme heat has been known to cause a fire and do some serious damage. I built the storage unit to not only help in the safety factor, but also to make it easier to know your battery inventory and ease of finding the right battery I need.
    If you liked this project, I do have plans available on my website. See below!
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave them here, on YouTube, or even use the contact me page on my website.
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  2. In this video, Andy Glass with Glass Impressions will take you step by step to building a motorized camera dolly. I wanted to build a camera dolly that would give me the ability to shoot panning shots in the workshop. The same shots kept showing up at the table saw, jointer, and planer. I needed something to change it up! I thought this different camera shot would add a lot of variety to my shots. 







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    Material Sourcing:
    Manufactured DC motor Speed Controller:
    60 RPM 12v DC High Torque Motor:
    12v Power Supply (must cut off the end and strip the wires):
    Skateboard wheels:
  3. Very cool Pb.  As I've said before your production quality is great.  Nice job.


    Thank you bgreenb!


    Another great video! I need to subscribe on youtube. I do have a question about an older video. You built a picture frame, and had a name on the glass of the frame. Did you do the glasswork, and if so, how did you go about doing it? Not to hijack your thread....


    I will PM you Pat! Thank you for the interest!

  4. I documented the video on my YouTube Channel. I encourage you to check it out! 
    This week I built a giant shoe box! It is a copy of an Air Jordan shoe box, complete with product tag!
    Material: MDF, Vinyl, Shipping Label
    Joinery: Rabbits, Butt joints, glue, brads, screws
    Finish: Black latex paint, vinyl decals, MSRP product label








  5. Cooper, no need to be concerns. I am a new Youtuber. This is a learning process for me. I am a decent woodworker but this YouTube deal is a whole different ball of wax.

    Any discussion is better than no discussion. If you wouldn't have brought it up I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Now, when I am about to do the same thing next I will remember this and make a safer decision.

    Again everyone, I do appreciate the discussion, watching my content, liking, and sharing. It all helps a great deal!

  6. That's the factor that gives me pause. I'm not gonna lecture you...I'm guilty of doing the same thing if I'm being lazy. But in a youtube video it's probably best if you follow best practice...if for no other reason than to avoid the criticism from the trolls...which there are tons of. You should have used your miter gauge and an offset stop block on the fence...but again, I'm not judging.

    Thanks for the comment Eric! Criticism well taken!
  7. I really like the project, but your video using the table saw scares the hell out of me. Free hand crosscutting the piece of ply against the fence just doesn't seem safe. I may be wrong?


    Thank you for watching and on the compliment on the project!


    Regarding the cross cutting, it does raise concerns but I felt very comfortable doing it. Next time I will use the miter saw :) 

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  8. Drill/Driver Hanging Station
    I filmed the build on my YouTube Channel. Please check it out!
    My old unit served me well, but I could incorporate some storage and increase the quality a little bit.
    The build consists of MDF, 3" PVC Pipe, Glue, Pocket screws, paint.
    Primary construction method was butt joints with glue, and pocket screws to hold the cabinet in place.
    If you have any more comments, questions or suggestions please leave them here or on YouTube.
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  9. I filmed the build on my YouTube Channel. Please check it out! http://youtu.be/Rv3DvNmYIVE
    I needed a light box for my office. I use it when I do decal work and trace things for the office or workshop.
    The build consists of red oak, glue, plexi glass, white paint, electrical items.
    Primary construction method was box joints The plexi glass was held in with a rabbit.
    If you have any more comments, questions or suggestions please leave them here or on YouTube.




  10. I filmed the build on my YouTube Channel. Please check it out! http://youtu.be/5zscvb5stwc

    I was commissioned to build this frame and thought I would take you guys along for the ride.

    The build consists of poplar stock, glass, black vinyl decals, glue

    Primary construction method was domino reinforced miters. The glass was held in with a rabbit.

    If you have any more comments, questions or suggestions please leave them here or on YouTube.








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