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  1. So I am making a new drill press table... went to the store and got some white laminate. I had contact cement on the list but I forgot to buy it. So I used gorilla glue's polyurethane... idk it if it will bond or what but it was sunday and the store was closed. I am noticing it is expanding and possibly separating at spots...if it doesn't work I will go buy some contact cement. Will it work? did I waste my time and money?
  2. I should say right off the bat I did not come up with this design, I have seen a smaller version on Lumber Jocks and decided it was a must have. I used shop plywood, old cherry stain, green spray paint (all I had), 3 inch PVC, 1 power strip, and attached to wall via french cleat.
  3. what about http://mirka-online....CFS-RPAodMlwA9g They are pretty spendy i guess, if I were to spend that much I would like to go with the festool model with other modes and features. comments?
  4. I have a Porter Cable ROS. I would like something a little better... I would like a nice belt sander, ROS, and something like a Festool model?? I have no experience in sanding tools.
  5. My home depot closed in my town but curious about their product Purebond... any good?
  6. What type of finish should I put on it? Thinking of a couple coats of shellac? Thoughts?
  7. I would love to see your vacuum breaker!
  8. buy it and put your other back on CL
  9. I have HF dust collector. upgrade the filter. get a wynn
  10. Jet or Betsy in the parallel category
  11. You don't need duct work. I use this stretchy hose and have the dust right system. I just received ports for the rest of my machines... I just connect this single host from machine to machine. I have the floor sweep system as well... very nice... all hook and store on the wall (storage kit required).
  12. Sorry, I missed that. Then the makita gets my vote! It is in my shop!
  13. Festool TS55... if you can shell out the money! I have the TS55 and a makita with a fine blade in it EDIT: I have the same one
  14. I have rockler water stones... I will take your advice to heart.... start out with a LA Block Plane and a LV BU Smoother (I hate to sand) and a shoulder plane? thoughts?
  15. Okay I am thinking the following Low angle block Rabbit block #4 Smoother Jointer plane Router Set of 3 spoke shaves Maybies Shoulder plane Scraping plane Anything else I should add? Any particular models you suggest? I am thinking veritas?
  16. if you could buy 5-6 brand new planes for me that would be great all around... what would they be? ive been doing a bunch of research but nice to hear from other WTO'ers
  17. hijack away! if anyone has a good "set" of planes they can recommend me to buying... pry 5-6 planes.... all across the board
  18. I took out my september issue of Lee Valley... makes my mouth water. I believe in the next couple months I will shell out 1k or so on a full set of planes.
  19. Completed the drawers (material is different because I ran out of the maple ply... I just used some left of shop stuff)... installed. and a picture of some storage
  20. Sheets of phenolic... anyone have a good source? or i was thinking laminating some MDF with laminate... i know plain MDF will work for inserts but i like the beefiness of the phenolic.