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  1. hijack away! if anyone has a good "set" of planes they can recommend me to buying... pry 5-6 planes.... all across the board
  2. I took out my september issue of Lee Valley... makes my mouth water. I believe in the next couple months I will shell out 1k or so on a full set of planes.
  3. Completed the drawers (material is different because I ran out of the maple ply... I just used some left of shop stuff)... installed. and a picture of some storage
  4. Sheets of phenolic... anyone have a good source? or i was thinking laminating some MDF with laminate... i know plain MDF will work for inserts but i like the beefiness of the phenolic.
  5. I used my inserts today. Dado is perfect. Will batch out a bunch out of MDF one of these days.
  6. Can you explain the features you like over the Delta?
  7. Don't mean to barge in if i am not on topic but small wood burning stove.... is there a super small unit available? for a small garage?
  8. Caster question: Threaded stem... or flat plate mount? I am thinking flat plate... i will have drawer on bottom of cabinet... would interfere with stems?
  9. I have not tried again... I had 4 phenolic inserts that i purchased from rockler awhile ago.. just have not get to them yet. I am going to use 2 blades/ insert and then each dado with will have its own inserts
  10. here is picture of tear out and my new ZCI
  11. Here are pictures of the white ash edge banding, and weather stripping dado for the top of the router table.seal
  12. I am looking at a new hybrid or cabinet saw soon when i can update my saw... I would love the saw stop technology but need a bit of information before i can pull the trigger... How is blade change? Dado blades? How about setting the "brake"? is it fast? do you have to reset it for every blade?
  13. Quick and simple... need some advice on these topics... - Dust collection - I am going to use a dual port to collect dust from the cabinet and the fence. My question is, should the port for the cabinet be dead center (vertically and horizontally), closer to the bottom, or in a corner to generate velocity? - Front door vent - A vent on the front door is necessary for proper air flow to allow for adequate dust collection and to keep the motor cool. I would like to be able to regulate this flow. I am thinking a weber grill style vent on the door that i can adjust the air fl
  14. i was not using a ZCI. i will try blue tape
  15. http://www.freudtool...o-dado-set.aspx 6 inch model... when i get into the shop i will check exactly which model. Stack is used but only 15 times or so. EDIT: I bought it new
  16. When cutting a dado in the table saw cross grain I am getting some serious tear out on my sample cut. I have switched to a plywood sized bit on my hand held router... this is much more time consuming in the setup and cutting process. With much more dust! I have a 6" STACK from frued. It is the quality of my dado stack (need more teeth?) or is this the general situation with cross cutting?
  17. You guys are not seeing my point here... i want to free up wall space... I have all of the nice wall storage options... i want to go to the ceiling and free up the wall space.
  18. correct... they would be horizontal across the ceiling keeping them out of the way... sort of a gun rack style rack
  19. I have a low garage height in my 1.5 stall garage. As all of us woodworkers know, our shop space is extremely important. Wall space/storage is even more important. Right now i have roughly 15 clamps on clamp racks on the wall... quite frankly this is a waste of space for me. I love the easy access to clamps and organization of them buthe time between glue ups in long due to the lack of shop time (busy life).. it seems this space would be much better utilized with other storage rather than clamps. I can dig the clamps out when i need them rather than the having requited tools or supplies storag
  20. I made a butcher block/garbage center. Painted with oil based paint... finished with poly.... turned yellow. ???