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  1. I finally had time to upload pictures of the assembled fence system and table. The router lift is ready to go out of the box. I have a couple of projects to get out of the way before I get started on the casework.
  2. opening cards or applying for cards does hurt your credit... if you are responsible and use it correctly it will eventually build credit
  3. I am thinking of making the router cubby smaller and increase drawer sizes and quantity.
  4. here is what i have sketched up... fronts are obviously not on or doors for the bottom
  5. Eric, heck of a table! question, why don't you have holes in the door for airflow? your router will get hot
  6. can't wait to see! if you could please give the dimensions of the router cavity as well as any other dimensions you can provide.
  7. I have just purchased incra router fence, table top, and master lift. I am going to build a base for the table. I am wondering the the best height for the table is? 42 inches comes to mind. any other suggestions on the build?
  8. thanks for the advice... here is what i have purchased.
  9. This is the first post of hopefully many! Just purchased the following: RT2436OS 24" x 36" Offset Router Table Top [Plate option:Without Plate] INCRA Mast-R-Lift II INCRA Mast-R-Lift II Router Lift [Options:Without router] LS17WFNCSYS INCRA LS Super System - 17" & 430mm Range [Options:1/32” Imperial Scales] I have yet to come up with a design of the router table, so, I am open to any and all suggestions at this point! Pictures, links, or any other way of helping me put together your
  10. I am looking at the master incra fence system. It is pricy but looks worth it from the videos and accuracy. Router lift, I do not know what to by. I have the big pc router (away from the shop, don't know the model). I believe 2.5 or 3.5 horse. Soft start. Anyways, looking for a nice router lift and router table fence that I can put on a custom table that I will build. Looking for any advice or recommendations... Links would be appreciated.
  11. WTO'ers, I am soon to start a commission on a bar height table... i am wanting some advice/tips/tricks on building a table. we have yet to start the design process so this may be a bit early in posting
  12. i bought lee valley twist and brad point. thanks everyone.
  13. I am looking for a good set of both, lots of bit sizes in each but I am not having any luck tracking any down with good reviews... any ideas? where do you all get your bits? do you buy separately or as a set?
  14. What is a conversion varnish? I to am interested in a good paint to be able to shoot out of an HVLP, all colors. I am new to HVLP but looking to expand my knowledge.
  15. great joinery method! i have master set
  16. I have updated the pictures, quick slates on the bottom for storage.
  17. call an HVAC guy to have him look into it?
  18. it is an attached garage. central heating/air. i do have a natural gas valve on the patio (right next to the garage) for the grill... i could split and run to a NG heater... cheap and easy? thoughts? anyone have any history with NG heaters? thinking of doing something like this... thoughts?
  19. I have a small 1.5 stall garage (over sized). We are in our first home and eventually will be moving into a larger home which will have a bigger garage (thank god!). My concern is coming to this winter. The garage's walls are insulated and the ceiling isn't completed yet, i will sheet rock and insulate the attic later this fall. What are my options to heat? small electric heater (permanently installed, sized appropriately) pellet stove (big enough to satisfy the future sized garage) any other options? I would like to eventually buy a home size pellet mill (have a good line on
  20. How does one construct these? always interested! finished product looks great!