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  1. Check my thread out... a good example of fixing a "uh oh" haha
  2. I live in ND, and these pictures look familiar from posts down here. I don't know if he was just expanding the market place but make sure you physically look at them before you put any money down... not saying it is a scam but could be something fishy
  3. I have a small shop and bought a festool 55. great for breaking down sheet goods and strange cross cuts!
  4. WTO'ers Wanted to know if anyone is a prime member? Is it worth it? the two day shipping has to be nice on most products? Who buys products on amazon? I have purchased a few items.
  5. Wood glue is stronger than the wood itself... usually mechanical fasteners (screws, nails, etc) are used to hold the parts together until the glue can cure.
  6. you can say "it was a great deal" again! you could find a local woodshop to resaw it for you?
  7. I am not a domino, although I hope some day! I was surfing rockler and saw the assortments of dominos and the cost associated with them! I was blown away! My question is, do you domino owner make, buy or both your domino tenon stock? Poll is attached.
  8. They will protrude through the bottom, should be fine.
  9. S Barton, I took a slice of cherry longer than my final piece. I cut out one slice for the side, then adjusted the rip fence to around 1/8 (this will determine the slot width)... I then cut another slit for the other side. Around 1/4" for the sides. I cut the ends off the center piece, about 4-6" and glue them. (leaving out the middle to create the slot) Hope that made sense!
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    not to hijack this thread but what is the deal with plywood coming from the hardwood dealer sold as 5x5 sheets and not the 4x8 sheets from the big box stores?
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    cut them down and/or buy the gorrila gripper! it is amazing!
  12. excellent video! I will give it a try! RWW, to answer your questions... they are not consistent. I will try to setup via the videos steps and then report back!
  13. need help setting up my hand planes.. i have a block plane and a jack plane. both were just sharpened but would like some tips, tricks, and recommendations on how to get them properly tuned up
  14. just a slot, the handles will keep them from falling through
  15. first post to "The critique room" Here is a butch block "table" i made for a clients customer. Includes knife storage (cherry strip). There is also a cherry strip in the sides, covering a mistake of cutting into the alignment biscuits. Client wanted to keep it affordable. So I used construction lumber for bottom... hard maple for the top.I would have liked to make the top thicker but for the budget the client gave me i couldn't afford to do so. I also though that a few slats on the bottom to make a storage shelf would have been nice.
  16. here is the repost! JUST POSTED IN CRITIQUE ROOM
  17. a butcher block for a client, i am going to end band with cherry
  18. see pictures... i did not like my size I initially cut it to... so i trimmed it down... guess what i cut in half... Possible solutions: edge band with cherry (compliment the knife storage strip) plow out with biscuit joiner or router and fill with maple (same material) Any suggestions?
  19. i used some square sign stock that my work had left over from one of the power plants... very quick to make... someone based on marc's design... just replaced metal bracket. notes: clamps are holding the blocks that fill the space between the plywood parts. a third support bracket will be installed in the middle, i didn't account for the hardware needs! lol Future fixes: I would decrease the width of the supports so i can get a third shelf in.. they are very strong.... when i get time i will cut new supports.
  20. I think i am going to go this route! can't go wrong!
  21. I finally got moved into the new house and was putting out some smaller projects and felt comfortable to taking on something big... a workbench. I am a guild member and would dream to have a roubu. I email benchcrafted and the offer expired for vises and hardware. I read it wrong going through the months of saving and putting the shop together. With the deal expired I took a step back and revisited the idea. I think the robu is a great bench but way to nice for what i need and it will cost A LOT! If i could afford it, I would in a heart beat. I need something more affordable without sacrificin
  22. honing guide is key. i just sharpened my irons and chisels... well worth the money. set the angle and go to town.
  23. I was cutting some gears on the scroll saw and the stock really wants to jump... Speed to fast? (hi or low switch is all, I had it on high) blade tension? material feed to fast?
  24. Instead of corking the entire floor. glue cork to the bottom of your work boots.... lol