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  1. Awesome suggestion! i didn't know these existed! EDIT: Any suggestions on how to cut or construct a slit for the knife to drop through
  2. I am building a butcher block kitchen cart, butcher block will be maple. 3" thick. I am trying to incorporate some knife storage in the unit. I have seen the following styles drawers (out of the question) magnets (could be cool) drop through the block storage (ideal) Magnets: Attach a strong strip to the side and the knife can be held in place... question is where do I find one of these strips? Drop through storage, I am loving this idea and pondering how to do it... TS55 through the constructed top to create the slit. Or....??? Any other suggestions on knife storage options
  3. Excellent idea! I may modify mine to your design! allow me to mill taller stock
  4. You have made an excellent observation. I had milled some dimensional lumber and it worked great. I will look at redesigning it to extend the opening all the way across the blades. And yes it doesn't limit the height of stock you can run through. I had 4"x4" legs and I had to remove it and run without DC.
  5. My lunch box jet planer didn't come with any dust collection hookups. took off the protective cover and within an hour and some scraps i came up with this! works great!
  6. It works pretty good, the chips from the holes are quite a bit after drilling all of them. I plugged in the DC and let it rip...pushed them through and would grab... I would like a little more draft and grabbing power but those were big chips... dust from sanding will be grabbed no problem
  7. As you see in the pictures, I have incorporated a down draft section in my out feed table. In addition, I used 3/4" holes so I can use bench dogs, wonder pups, and hold downs. I attach the handle for my floor sweep from my dust collector and plug it in. Great for cleaning off the top of the table as well. Each hole has a small chamfer... I have to do a few in the middle but didn't want to lose velocity by having to many holes.
  8. I have attached the manual for my jointer... I cannot find any instructions on how to make the tables coplanar... from what I can see my outfeed is drooping causing my problems. Any ideas? Jointer Manual.pdf
  9. I have searched and searched, I just don't seem comfortable with anything I have seen out there.. maybe some fellow WTO'ers can voice their opinions.
  10. I just purchased a delta jointer off of CL. When I run boards across the blades it takes material off the front part of the board and slowly decreases till about half way on the board. No matter how many passes, no matter what material. Is it the blade setup? not co-planar?
  11. Found these, simple and would knock it out of the park.
  12. WTO'ers... need some help here! My fiance and I just purchased our first home a month or so ago... 1250 square feet with no dining room or area to eat. The previous owners had a small table right along the window (see picture). Being a woodworker and a handyman, I want to create something cool and unique for the kitchen. I would like to make a folding counter/table that hinges on the wall. My questions... Piano hinge for attaching to the wall bracket? Any special folding brackets for this type of application? I have searched and found some but they do not seem right. What about
  13. Pbmaster11

    CLR it!

    CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) product you see on tv. Click here if you don't know what I am talking about. My question, would this be a good product to use on your cast iron tops to remove rust?
  14. I have this miter gauge and absolutely love it!
  15. Thank you Derwood! No it was not intentional but in our new house we have the same floors (first picture was a rental) so it will match just as well!
  16. I just finished editing my 2011 pheasant hunting video. thought my fellow woodworkers that are hunters might enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyeoL9OXqd4
  17. I really like the stepping stool/bench!
  18. I am young and do not know what egg crate joinery is?
  19. Excellent idea, kinda like the old style pubs have for flashy fans.
  20. Can you make shop made inserts or is that special locking insert the only thing that will work?
  21. I didn't read the thread on this link to well but hopefully this helps! http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/longboard-board-building-q-discussions/243650-printing-1-1-2d-templates-sketchup-help.html
  22. I have this jointer as well... I had to do the same thing.
  23. use the upload fuction in "more reply options" button next to the "post" button. Browse your computer, select file. Click upload. Then post
  24. I just noticed when I tilt is isn't square anymore... is this normal? causes? Fixes?