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  1. I purchased a rockwell contractors saw on craigs. Great saw and has served me well the last year. It did not come with a riving knife... what can i do to make one? i can't find a factory one to purchase? Put something on the insert?
  2. Rockwell contractors saw. Good little saw. After my current project I am going to go through it again and make it solid. Star washers... check! Thanks for the help wacker.
  3. So i was in the shop all day... table saw working fine. One cut later and the blade is out of alignment... I could tell because the blade was pinching the cut... took me forever to get it back to tuned conditioned... had to loosen trunions (spell check) and the only way to do that was a tedious process. No idea how it could have gotten out of alignment, but got it fixed!
  4. I blame DIY and Home Depot for terrible looking homes.... people see these shows and think "Oh I can make a deck, put up a fence, landscape my yard." etc etc. They do not have the skill nor the know-how to produce a nice looking product.
  5. Sheriff wood man... our trust is in your hands! Get 'er done!
  6. They are bottom line excellent, I will be moving to my new house in a couple months. Finally can setup my shop the way I want.... at that time and can arrange for blue foam storage for breaking sheets down... so much easier.
  7. I took a scrap 3 wheeled bandsaw blade and epoxied it into a piece of MDF. have not tried it yet, should work great though. I will have to try the hotel key card!
  8. I was watching Norm's router table episode here a week ago or so... he used a spreader that was notched very small like micro. I have not seen anything like this in the box stores... any idea where to get these?
  9. I installed this on my shop vac. works great!
  10. Gotcha, just curious! Everyone has their own way to skin a cat
  11. Marc, I am stuck in an airport due to weather on a business trip and watching some of your videos again to kill some time. Many times you poke fun at brad nailers and/or mechanical fasteners? Do you have a moral code against them? I use them when I can, I believe they are just another tool to make the shop for efficient.... I obviously try to keep them blind but if you use a quality wood filler there shouldn't be an issue. Do you just like not using them? Personal goal? Just curious
  12. I have one for my DC down. But would like a switch for the SV. I will try to wire the electrical switch in.
  13. I was debating but for a small hobby shop like mine i was dealing with stock that could be handled by the TS55. and it has changed the way I work with sheet goods as well!
  14. I currently have the shop vac under the wing of my table saw. I use it to clean up the shop, connect to my track saw, or my router table. It has a not so smooth switch on the actual machine. I would like to put a switch in the extension cord that is powering it so i can hit the switch bypassing reaching under and dealing with the standard on/off switch. EDIT: Can the craftsman autoswitch just turn on the machine when i need it?
  15. I don't want to reach under the table to start the vacuum.
  16. My next project is going to be a under cabinet for the TS. looks good to me... keep us posted!
  17. Excellent point Scott, I do have an incra 3000 miter sled dealybobber and it is great. Although I would like to be able to quick shop some long boards up! I think i need a miter saw (eventually build a station with wings) to be able to cut longer boards that are not safe on the table saw.
  18. I am looking to put a standard wall switch in an extension cord so I do not have to keep reaching under the table to turn on my shop vac for general cleaning, with my TS55, or router work. A festool Dust Extractor is what is going to be on the future splurge list! But does anyone know how to wire a standard wall switch or some other switch to an electrical cord? Videos? Links? Diagrams?
  19. My next purchase is going to a dust extractor, and chop saw ( not sure if i will purchase the festool)