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  1. Bought the TS55... man that is a great saw! Speeds up breaking down sheet goods! as well as finish cutting! It was nice to have for my current commission, I had the table saw setup for a 1/2" dado but needed to cut some panels... boom TS55 here I come!
  2. I just purchased the TS55. I will get the hinge system!
  3. painted the MDF, two coats of primer and two coats of finish black. can't remember what paint
  4. Two bookcases I made for my aunt.. second big project. Was fun!
  5. 3 min with sketchup... thoughts? don't have the room just dinking around
  6. HF DC was an excellent purchase for me. aftermarket filter... best $100 spent... coupons
  7. Their number is on the bottom of their page. Here ya go! 212-337-8510
  8. The blue needs to attach to the red but I would like them to be detachable for moving. I am thinking to drop into into top and screwed to top with black caps. MDF is the customers choice
  9. I am in the market for a track saw. Work with mostly sheet goods... so i believe a track saw would make it easier to break sheets down. Couple questions on track saws: do you use them for final dimensions? or just rough out parts? what length of track is a good all around length? I was thinking having two, one for a 4' length and one for 8' length to cross cut or rip sheet goods. The big question.... What track saw do you prefer, recommend, do not like, or do not recommend? Best place to purchase?
  10. I have done 50/50 glue and water, then sanded smooth... messy. I have heard of drywall compound? Anything else?
  11. Self taught... give yourself a week with it... youtube videos etc etc. you will love it
  12. Where do you buy yours? I want more quantity for less $! Right now walmart is what i am at
  13. cube it, cut it on table saw.
  14. I am working out of my dad's two stall garage... I live in Fargo, ND and it gets really cold. I have the garage heated when I am working but shut off when I am not in there. I store all of these materials, chemicals, etc etc in our garage storage room. My dad made the point today that the furnace is in the same room, with an open flame. He is worried about combustion with these vapors (if any?) or materials. I keep my epoxy (west system, expensive), my mineral spirits, and paint thinner in the house away from the flame. I don't want to keep that door cracked if there are vapors (I can't