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  1. Slap a straight edge on it and check it out.
  2. I want to paint a few things and just purchased rocklers HVLP... I have not opened it up nor read the directions but wanted to get a head start on here.... Any specific directions on spraying oil based paint? Can you spray water based? Thin it? Best brand of paint? Specific application directions or technique of spraying paint out of an HVLP?
  3. i lied, 4! didn't know if the website transfer didn't get all the material over... my mistake!
  4. I will respond to this in the next quote.... This is exactly what I am thinking! This is a fun project, it doesn't not pay my bills but allows me to increase my skill and dabble woodworking on someone else's dollar while at the same time making income to increase the shops supplies, tools, or space. That is all I am after in a commission. It is not about what the medium I use to build, it is about what the customer wants and what I am willing to charge for it. I could charge $1 or $10,000 and the results would be the same. It is a fun project and the customer is getting the quality e
  5. Are there only 3 other past projects??
  6. I understand there are better materials out there but i believe this suits the customer just as well as anything else, him and I have been discussing ply or mdf. I have weighed the draw backs to each. he understands what he is getting. The material was not the question of this thread, quoting it does. I understand material is in that quote but labor is what i was looking at.
  7. Totally disagree with that, I have made multiple pieces for shop, garage, and home uses... way beefier than anything you will find at ikea and will last way longer. MDF isn't a hardwood but if you prepare the surface and edges it can be way stronger than ikea pieces. I build two giant book cases from MDF for a client because she wanted a lower cost project and wanted it painted. They turned out excellent and won't crumble nor did it give me a bad reputation...
  8. Like it says, just curious???????? Marc?
  9. I have only done a few commissions and did them for family so just charged for materials... just to learn and practice on someone else dollar. Now I would like to upgrade the shop on someone else's dollar.... This is not my primary income and do not want it to be. I want any money I make on a project to go to upgrading tools, purchasing new ones, or able to purchase supplies for a personal project. I do not know how to start to break down a project for a quote besides materials. When looking at materials I see what is needed for BF or number of sheet goods, hardware, add x for misc (glue, b
  10. I am heading to Frisco tomorrow for the FCS championship football game. GO BISON!
  11. Before viewing your guild videos I didn't know how much you used hand tools. In your online site videos you mainly use power tools... in the guild you use hand tools much more! I like it! I am not a hand tool person yet, due to financies but will be some day!
  12. Guild Family! A new member! I decided to join due to the fact I am in love with woodworking... if i could have its baby i would. haha joke. I also joined in respects to my fiancee's and I's near future... we are trying to relocate 3 hrs away... closer to my work and might not have the room for woodworking. the guild and Marc's teaching will keep the love alive until we make room, build room, or relocate! I am just starting the shaker table... video's. not in the shop
  13. I purchased this plane on ebay for cheap, I do not know if it is worth it but thought it would be good to put on a shelf as shop "goods" but if one can restore a plane and if it is worth the effort... how does what do it?
  14. As the title says, I have a Jet planer and the wood gets stuck in there and doesn't feed properly. Any thoughts? I have not looked into the problem... it has been getting worse and worse.. now I have to push and pull to keep in moving... not very safe.
  15. that is beautiful, what are the holes on the bottom for?
  16. are you able to find them in the box stores or online only? they look like a specialty screw
  17. http://www.finewoodworking.com/woodworking-videos/
  18. Thank you, just took a look at your site, looking forward to watching the videos!
  19. How do I find out the cure time? What topcoat would you recommend?