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    excellent idea
  2. http://www.amazon.com/AeroMarine-300-Epoxy-Resin-Gallon/dp/B0047R2C9Y/ref=sr_1_14?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1322359371&sr=1-14
  3. I would plan to put a knob on the pivot end.
  4. Thanks! That is what I was thinking as well.
  5. incorporate some splines... contrasting?
  6. Does anyone have their two cents on a router table fence? Here is what I am debating.... Having two T-tracks to lock down the fence or having a single hinge point with one T track to lock in position? Pro's? Cons?
  7. how do you make it snap to 1/16" inch grid
  8. When you fellow WW'ers are modeling your next project do you use 3/4" for plywood or the actual dimensions (23/32")
  9. What wood is this constructed of?
  10. Keep the top clean and disinfect and you will be fine.
  11. Here is a unit I made for my dad's kitchen.
  12. I am debating on purchasing this and putting in my TS or building a small table stop cabinet for it. Or just building a small table top cabinet router.
  13. what about putting it into my table saw? Anyone have any good pictures of these combo's?
  14. I am looking on some info, tips, tricks about making a router table (table top size). What is a good dimension for the top? What is a good way to recess the router insert? What is a good material for the top? Melamine (spell check)? Any other info is great!
  15. Great question! I would love to know as well
  16. Okay so I am in my Dad's smaller two stall garage... we do not park in there because it won't fit our pickups. We tiled the floor with the carpet squares... this was before I started my shop.... this stuff sucks with saw dust. I am planning on moving and purchasing my own house and having a 1 stall that is all enclosed for my shop. I do not want carpet. I want something cheap, clean looking, and easy to do. I am thinking a garage floor paint that is non slip... anyone have these products? I have seen regular garage floor paints with the speckles... this is a great product... but I
  17. Pbmaster11

    Dons shop

    Very cool! I would love a video on how it works when you get it up and running!