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  1. Hope you guys enjoy! Please comment here or on youtube with questions, comments, or suggestions! If this is not the correct spot to post or I should not be posting this at all please let me know. Don't want to ruffle any feathers. Have a great day!
  2. I have a delta bench top drill press and find it suitable for my work. The only thing I would like from a floor standing model is the length of travel of the bit. Is it possible to get a floor standing mechanism/head in the bench top size?
  3. What are peoples thoughts on posting each video on here? too much? Just let the subscribers see? I feel that uploading is a snapshot in the internet world. If they are not subscribed they will not see. Forums etc are a good way to keep content available for the occasional internet user. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on that!
  4. Thank You! I was shooting for something different. Working and not talking. I will eventually add more voice over and maybe a little talking in front of the mic but I like the videos that get things done and not talk about them. But I will show more details and less of the typical cutting and such. Thank you for the feedback! Thank you for the feedback. I was going for exactly that. Working and not talking. As stated above, I will eventually get into voice over and a little in front of the camera action but for now I will keep the videos rolling. Pun intended Thank you! Please leave your comments on the youtube page! 10-4 on the technique! Thank you for the feedback. I will work on cutting it down without harming the video content. And good advice on the incra. Thank you! Yeah, I am not sure what happened there. New to the editing so I will have to go back and check what happened. My apologies if you were wearing headphones! Thank you for the feedback!
  5. Thanks Shaffer, I agree. I have been absent from the forum lately. But I will be much more active in the social media and forum scene now! Thanks MZDADOC! I would love any feedback!
  6. I am officially a produced YouTube creator! Please check out my first produced YouTube video! I appreciate the feedback and support! Please hit the like button, share on Facebook, and subscribe if you are interested! I am going to try to upload weekly content. Please let me know any questions, comments, or concerns!
  7. I do agree, his length of delivery is a bit long and drawn out
  8. I have been following him on YouTube for quite awhile now. I like his delivery in his content. I would love to hear the review of the course. If positive, I would sign up for sure.
  9. Good evening everyone... I was listening to talk radio today.... scanning AM radio during my travels and stumbled on some random conversations about construction materials. They were taking callers, talking about rafters and proper ventilation of a building... all very boring to me but then one caller was talking about pallet wood and home projects. This caller warned the listeners that wooden pallets are now being sprayed with pesticides, and other chemicals to disinfect and make sterile. Any comments? if this is true I would warn anyone using pallet wood.
  10. Fixed it. Problem one. Woodpecker was out of square (rare) Problem two. the strip on the track was not even. Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  11. Need some serious help here... i am about fed up with this table. I don't know if something is out of wack but from day one I have never been able to get this thing to produce square cuts. See the attached picture and follow along. I take a sheet of melamine and rip it to 23 3/4" on the table saw. Both sides are parallel, Next I bring to MFT3 and place red line on fence. I cut orange line. I then proceed to flip end for end keeping the red line on the fence and cut the blue line. My cross dimensions are the same but my lengths are a 1/16th of an inch off. (I know this is physically not possible, but I am taking it right from the tape) After modeling this on sketchup is it just move the track a hair to right (green line) to produce a square cut?l I am at my wits end with this thing... I have cut over 30 times and cannot get it square. First I take my woodpeckers square to the fence and track and square it up perfectly. Then it produces even worse. next calibration... Next I would take wood peckers t square to the work piece and draw a square line. then I would square the track up to the line. I forget what it would produce but I know it wasn't right. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED HELLLP
  12. I would like to build my own. Fabricating the parts isn't a concern of mine... the electrical, motors, etc etc are. Have any of you built your own? Do you recommend a kit? A plan? Thanks in advance
  13. I am going to try to talk her into iron on edge banding for the doors. And leave the case just for visual appeal when all the doors are closed. Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  14. What do you suggest to seal edges? Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  15. No she doesn't want to pay to cover edges. Just for a garage shelf. Will be raw edges. Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  16. Ps what is the trick to cutting Melamine? Specific blade for laminate? Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  17. Advice well taken! 3 it is! Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  18. I assume your vote it 3? Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  19. I am building a shelving system for a client in her garage. The door are melamine (particle board core) and are obviously heavy. The doors will be roughly 40-45 inches tall and 2 feet wide. So not a lot of weight far out of the hinges causing leverage. 2 or 3 hinges? Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.
  20. Sprayed entire kitchen cabinet set. Turned out great. I used a 1.3mm needle for the primer and a 1.5mm needle for the latex. Both were thinned a little and used flowtrol to assist in the smooth finish.
  21. I am running the Fuji tomorrow. Will report how it goes. Typing on cell phone. I apologize for any typing errors.