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    What machine is this? Shaper?
  2. 3djedi, dont mean to jack your thread but I too would like to know the best way to paint MDF. I am making a garbage center with butcher block on top for the kitchen. Our molding is white so we think the base should be white... I will follow!
  3. Walnut and oak is what i have been using mostly. What other woods need to be filled?
  4. I would like some ideas on how to fill the grain/pores on open wood... I believe that is what is is called... pores? grain filling?
  5. Add a higher fence to that stop block and then you put your frame on the high fence... adjust the stop block to the position the frame correctly on the cutting slot.
  6. Simple and effective! Bet it works great on boxes
  7. Do i want to apply glue to MDF edges as well? I will pry do 3/4 MDF
  8. Nice smooth paint. White. What about MDF. That paints nice... edges can damage easily. I think I might go the solid wood route.
  9. My father wants a garbage unit in the kitchen. He wants the base white (matches the molding) and the top a maple butcher block. I am thinking of using birch plywood. Does it paint well? Any tips or tricks? What type of paint to use? Do I have to edge band or can I paint right over the raw edge? my alternative route was to make out of pine or oak but I like working with sheet goods.
  10. I have a rockwell tablesaw... I have not checked the miter gauge to the blade to make sure they are parallel. I may be getting ahead of myself but where are the adjustments to make them parallel?
  11. I have a 14" Rigid Bandsaw... I would like to get a fence system on it... My question to my fellow woodworkers... do you have a good set of plans, pictures, or description of a good bandsaw fence that is shop made? and/or a good recommendation to a product I can purchase (Link?)
  12. Are you planning on doing a sketchup model? I would love to see it if you do
  13. Hello WTO'ers. I bought a rockwell contractors table saw about a year ago... works great... need a new filler between the fence arms but that is a different story. I am moving here soon, hopefully and setting up a more permanent shop. I would like to build a cabinet stand that my saw sits on. I also want to incorporate a router table into the dead wood area... My question to you is can i use a product to bring back the fresh shine to the table top? then put a protective coat on?
  14. I'm sure you could! Upload a picture, I would be glad to help!
  15. Duck, Just a simple spline jig. I cut the splines at the correct dimension of where the router bit would cut into it, causing it to be viewed from either angle. Let me know any questions! And I do appreciate the compliments everyone!
  16. I installed the splines then routed the profile on the edge. The profile cut into the walnut splines and exposed them more.. I think it is a good look
  17. I made this frame for a special picture that my dad had purchased. I give to you... "Western Swing"
  18. Looks excellent... small edge band would conceal the T&G but cover the error.
  19. I look forward to seeing it. I found this one, very simple and effective.
  20. Like the title says. I am looking to make a circle cutting jig for my band saw... would like it to be adjustable for difference sizes