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  1. When you are done with the compressor do you drain the air tank?
  2. Does anyone have the link for the correct micron canister for the HFT DC?
  3. The red and the blue... what is the difference? I picked the red due to the fact that 99 percent of my project are for indoors and don't need the weather proof... thoughts?
  4. I made this bookshelf from nice character birch plywood and had walnut edge banding. I used birch and walnut plugs for covering screw holes and to add a little flare. Shelves, top, and bottom are all dado'ed.
  5. My grandpa was a master carpenter and woodworker. He had a marvalous shop that I would spend hours with him when I was younger. He lived 3 hours away so whenever the family went for vacations or holidays that is where I always wanted to go. Going into middle school and high school I was always in construction or the woodworking class.... I just really loved it. I am only 21 and have a pretty good setup in my dads garage... I am working on moving a few hours away for work and then I will be able to setup my own location!
  6. Where can I find full episodes of woodworking tv shows or professional type videos like marc's? Rough cut woodsmith shop etc etc
  7. GOOD TO MEET YOU! I buy my hardwood from Fleet Farm. Best place that i can find it. I buy my sheet goods from steinerson lumber in moorhead. We do not have a quality hardwood source, unfortunately.
  8. I don't have any experience with lathes but for $30 if it breaks, throw it away! Great price!
  9. Just a cheap one to learn but was just wondering the general concept
  10. I just bought a spray gun for my compressor... wondering what size tips i use for what medium. tips for spraying? adjustments?
  11. Mbike, what would you suggest sealing MDF with?
  12. I have one of the leading PVC pips producers in the states in my home town so when I move I will just put together my plan and purchase the PVC when I visit town... only about 3 hours away. http://www.northernpipe.com/
  13. Pbmaster11

    HF 2hp DC

    WTO'ers, I have the HF 2hp Dust collector.... when i move in the next month or so to my new home I would like to setup perminant DC piping. The port off of the DC is 4"... do you recommend keeping that at 4" or enlarge it to 6". Would this be benificial or make no sense being it is still being reduced to 4" at the intake?
  14. Thats what I like to hear, I have some hosing running on the ground until I move in the next couple months and I will put handing DC. But I didn't know how to handle this, now I do!! And I have been shocked with the ones on the ground, like you said, isn't that bad.
  15. when grounding DC pipes. Where does one connect the wire that is run along the PVC? The end "Ground"
  16. Greg, love the over power. Nothing worse than my situation, 5 outlets in my entire garage and needed power strips and extension cords (safety hazard) all over the place.
  17. you have no idea, look at my garage right now. bomb went off.. partly because my dust collector wasn't there lol. now i just bought one and now setting it up. should help keep the place cleaner. now organizing my tools and equipment, that is all on me. lol
  18. the two faces are not perpendicular? What did you cut it with? Chop saw? Both angles set to 90?
  19. I have heard climb cut in multiple videos and have yet to come across one with a video explaining this?
  20. I have been looking online for wood. It says "hit/miss" planned. What does this mean?