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  1. There is a special link to do this. Embling is what it is called if i remember correctly? Edit: What is the size of the shop? Turned out great! Is that a french cleat system on the wall?
  2. Here is a schematic of the installation. It acts like a spring. Flush the drawer panel so no one can grab and pull where really all you have to do is push and the drawer comes out http://www.bainbridgemfg.com/Drawings/1021Inst.pdf If you make one as well let me know what it turns out like. I will be beginning my project in a week or two.
  3. how do these work? http://www.thehardwarehut.com/catalog-product.php?p_ref=259872
  4. Weapon will be loaded and safety on. There are never any children at my house. I am confident in my situation to have a loaded weapon in the house. It is not the first. I will work with the flip down style but I would love to problem solve the locking mechanism on the spring loaded hidden drawer.
  5. Okay so on my night stand project I would like to include a "secret" "false" drawer to hold a home defense pistol. My first question, is there a product out there that offers spring loaded drawer slides? I have created a guide rod and a spring to push the drawer open... (Attached file) The problem I am having is creating a hidden latch to hold the drawer closed and allow the spring to decrompress to push the door open. I have contemplated a doweling system through the top that will need a demo before it is incorporated into the project but it is in the file. I will explain ho
  6. okay I will pry change to birch or oak ply...
  7. So from a quick research I have determined this for decoupage. Solid wood top or veneered ply wood. Use a water based stain to dress up the wood, if the labels do not cover the entire top. If they do then there is no point to stain. Now this is where I may need some help... Mod-podge to glue labels to surface. Seal with a varnish (poly?)
  8. So I have been consigned to build a beer pong table for a friend. He is collecting booze labels and would like me to put them as the top so they are they focus of the table.... most likely 60 percent or more of the table top will be covered with labels. The labels need to be water proofed so they do not get ruined. My two thoughts.. Sandwiched between two sheets of plexi glass and silicon the edges and then wrap the edge of the table with a 3 inch apron. or... my favored choice... use pour on poly... Now I am a little concerned with a few things... The expanding and contracti
  9. I want to make a new nightstand with MDF and paint it black.... i would like to protect the top... so my questions are... Is MDF the right product to use? I heard it paints well... Yes? No? How to protect the top? Poly? Will it stick well?
  10. Are these two items different? What is the difference between low angle and high angle? Different applications? What is the Number mean on bench planes? What is a good all around bench plane and / or block plane?
  11. Thats the best part about it, you have been there before. You know what you like before, what you didn't, what worked, what didn't and now when you move back in you now can change and modify your last setup to event make the shop more efficient.
  12. Moving back to the old shop?
  13. Thank you for the info, I do not own a domino... yet... but just had some thoughts on it.
  14. mine is working now, my emails were getting sucked up in the junk emails.
  15. do you have to replace cutting bit? how often?
  16. Thats what I was thinking as well. Also heard "Top Coat" was good for tool surfaces??
  17. What is the best thing to use to make things slick... such as... dado's for sliding doors... or... table saw tops, or other tool surfaces...
  18. Excellent advice, thank you for the help.
  19. Turned out wonderful. Question, for entire WTO members: including yourself, when installing drawer slides how do you calculate the installation? such as width of the drawer to allow both slides to fit correctly
  20. Pbmaster11

    Cutting Board

    how did you do the grooves on the top?
  21. I've been around for a month or two now but I have not introduced myself yet! My name is Andy Glass and I am 21 years old, just graduated college (power plant engineering)and started a hobby shop in my garage about a 3 months ago. I have always enjoyed woodworking and creating amazing things with my hands. I have a mechanical mind and love to solve problems. I have completed a few projects in the past couple months and about halfway through my first major build for my father. I still am in need of a few tools and can't wait to get them! I always appreciate a good teacher and love to b
  22. Oh my, that guys work is nuts!!!!! Very interesting.