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  1. I have made 5 picture frames for Christmas gifts. I used walnut and cherry. (Pictures attached) I love the contrast of cherry and walnut. If the builder selects "interesting" cherry it can make the cherry have character in itself. I will be making a cherry/walnut end grain cutting board soon... I'll make 1 as a prototype and then pry 3 for gifts.
  2. I would like to make some 1/8" or 1/4" edge banding for a project I am making. I do not have a band saw and was wondering if it is recommended to do these cuts on a table saw. Any tips, tricks, or no no's?
  3. Okay so I'm building a tansu style piece of furniture for my father. I have made an earlier post about the sliding doors and what track to use. I have that figured out. My next issue is with the 1/4" back for the paneling. I have included a sketchup file of the bottom part of the build. In the design I wasn't thinking and just "cut" in the paneling in the shell with rabbits. My question is how do I complete these rabbits without going through, ultimatly seeing the rabbit from the outside. You cannot see this in the picture because I designed it thinking I could figure a way around it. Th
  4. RoboDoc, where can i see those episodes?
  5. Do you have to raise the grain on oil based finishes? Water based for sure?? How about a shellac? All the finishing products confuse me.
  6. Okay so first of all I believe this topic goes in this section. Please move if I am wrong. Second, I am building a Tansu designed piece of furniture for my dad. The "cabinets" have sliding doors instead of open and closing them. The plan required 2 dado's in the appropriate spot for the doors. I plan on using plywood veneer for this project but encounters a problem. Those dados would reveal the core. Any suggestions? Attached is file of the project. Please keep in mind this is a bottom section of the project. The green doors are the ones that slide. There is a 3/4"x 1/4" deep dado i
  7. I'm planning on making a tansu piece for my father. I would like to build this out of MDF oak veneer. I have never done veneer strips (for the open ends).. Could I use a flush trim bit to remove the waste? Any tips, tricks, or advice would be great!
  8. Thank you both for the replies. So my next question, what do I need to buy to get started? Obviously a resin and a hardner? Which ones? I live in North Dakota and my small shop is in a small two stall garage.
  9. I'm new to the epoxy scene and would like some advice. Why use it? What to buy? Ive been seeing alot of West Systems. Two parts to the equation? Please explain? How to apply? Advantages? Disadvantages?
  10. Thanks Pat! The angle was cut on the table saw with a high fence and a feather board. The jointery was a very simple butt joint. I had a little movement in the clamping process but nothing a bit of sanding couldn't handle. If I had access to a biscuit jointer I pry would have used that method. Just to keep things aligned properly. Overall they turned out great and I learned a lot. By the way the last one on the right is for sale. $70 + shipping.
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    Mortise jig

    This is a jig I made to make my mortises a bit more consistent.
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    From the album: Mortise jig

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    From the album: Mortise jig

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    From the album: Mortise jig

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    From the album: Mortise jig

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    From the album: Mortise jig

  17. Here are the results. One coat of shellac and one coat of poly.
  18. I couldn't imagine putting $1200 down for this. I could see $500-600
  19. Very nice! I love the contrast!
  20. interesting! what do they cost?
  21. i tuned the jointer up and made sure all the blades were at the correct height (as close as possible) and the snipe was eliminated..
  22. I have an older 6" craftsman jointer and when I surface plane/joint I get "snipe" (that's what it is called right?) at the end... What causes this? Technique? Bad setup? What do I have to do to stop this from happening?