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    I have to get all the points I can!
  2. Is there a place/link I can go look at that explains all the different finishes and what not? I have looked around and found a few just wondering if there is a hidden place
  3. I am some what new to wood working and made a nice picture frame with cherry and walnut. I would like a finish that shows the grain and brightens things up but does not stain... Suggest poly? How many coats? Suggest something else? Please be descriptive in the selection (reasoning, looks and advantages/disadvantages)and also the process of application.
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    Picture frame

    This picture frame is my second wood working build.... Built it for my girlfriend (in the picture obviously) for our anniversary. Planned a next frame (different design), and going to batch 4 of them out.
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    side view.jpg

    From the album: Picture frame

  6. I completed my first picture frame and then stained it... well i forgot to raise the grain and it was rough after drying... out of curiosity i used paper to sand the frame... it was quite well.. My question is what would the "grit" be on something like paper? and... Is this recommended?
  7. What bit would be correct choice in my router to make a mortise? Any tips on how to do this? I have seen a few videos here and there on woodwisperer and other sites but any that are truely dedicated videos?
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    Puzzle box 2

    how was this done?
  9. I had cut all my boards for a project that I was completing. The project required me to make a 3/8" rabbit on most of the boards... Before I started I made sure my fence would produce a 3/8 in cut and the depth of the bit was set to 3/8". I completed first board, then on the second I noticed my results were not consistant with my first board... the depth of the cut was increasing... what would cause this? Did i not have the bit in there tight enough? The depth adjustment tight enough? Any advice would help!
  10. I have purchased a Ryobi BT3100-1 table saw used. It didn't come with a blade so I purchased a brand new blade. Put the blade in according to the manuals instructions. When I turn on the saw the blade has a 1/16" left/right movement from the rotation. Is this movement caused by the blade being out of balance? The arbor slightly bent? Any information on this could help and any recommendations would be great!
  11. I am going to make some jigs and sleds. I want the best bang for the buck, all around good wood for a good price. What wood would you suggest i should buy? please be detailed.
  12. gotcha, i feel dumb! I knew that! What would you recommend, a 6" or 8" on a low HP 10" table saw?
  13. excellent idea! great work! i can't agree with you more... born to cut wood! btw, when the camera floated away.... made my night.
  14. I have a 10" table saw. could i put a smaller blade in it if i needed to? what about a smaller dado set?
  15. I might be picking up a 10" contractors table saw just to get my tool collection started. Questions on saw blades. I have read the saw blades 101 page and received great info but would like all of your opinions. 10" table saw - Best blade for my buck? I do not have a big budget. I still am a college student so my financial resources are not flowing constantly in. 10" miter saw (I think) - best blade for my buck? What about a dado blade? can i put a 6" or 8" blade on my 10" table saw? Best blade for my buck?\ Sharpening? Steps for sharpening saw blades? Is this possible? The
  16. Well i am far from the festool line right now, but i have a deep love for woodworking. Sooner than later I will be slowly gathering up tools, whether they are starters or full blown professional, it will take time.
  17. How do you like the domino tool? From the videos I have seen they are very handy.
  18. I had a question regarding product lines in regards to festools products. Is there another line that provides a wide range of tools, equipment, and accessories like the festool line does? I am asking this because I just looked up the products in their line. Very nice tools and equipment but it comes at an increased cost. Is there any other product line out there that other woodworkers would recommend? I plan on putting together a hobby shop in the near future and do not need the festool expense or quality. I am not saying quality isn't an extremely important factor, they are just
  19. It hit my like a ton of bricks! Thanks for the help! have a great night!!!
  20. That was confusing to me. Inverted object of the curve? Delete or subtract this inverted object? From the piece? I guess a more detailed step by step would be greatly appreciated. I am just so confused on all of this and the terminology is all still new to me.
  21. I just started working and getting to know sketchup. I was watching one of Marc's videos (posted a link below). It was the gadget station video one. On this video he shows a model view of the project. In this project the legs have two curves. I cannot figue out how to make this work. Using the push pull tool is not possible, at least not that i know of. The rules I watch in some videos will not allow it. I have put an email into him asking but wondering if anyone else could point me in the right direction. If someone could explain how this was done that would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Xmas Gifts

    Walnut and Cherry Frames