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  1. I might be picking up a 10" contractors table saw just to get my tool collection started. Questions on saw blades. I have read the saw blades 101 page and received great info but would like all of your opinions. 10" table saw - Best blade for my buck? I do not have a big budget. I still am a college student so my financial resources are not flowing constantly in. 10" miter saw (I think) - best blade for my buck? What about a dado blade? can i put a 6" or 8" blade on my 10" table saw? Best blade for my buck?\ Sharpening? Steps for sharpening saw blades? Is this possible? The tools I will be purchasing have older blades. I will be going to look at them at 1pm central time. Would sharpening be an option or recommending buying a new blade? Side question- I have had my miter saw (chop saw?) since i was very young (12-13 years old) and when i was younger I hit a bad piece of wood. It deflected into the blade and had bent the blade just a slight bit. I am not sure if it was the blade or the arbor on the saw. Any suggestions?
  2. Well i am far from the festool line right now, but i have a deep love for woodworking. Sooner than later I will be slowly gathering up tools, whether they are starters or full blown professional, it will take time.
  3. How do you like the domino tool? From the videos I have seen they are very handy.
  4. I had a question regarding product lines in regards to festools products. Is there another line that provides a wide range of tools, equipment, and accessories like the festool line does? I am asking this because I just looked up the products in their line. Very nice tools and equipment but it comes at an increased cost. Is there any other product line out there that other woodworkers would recommend? I plan on putting together a hobby shop in the near future and do not need the festool expense or quality. I am not saying quality isn't an extremely important factor, they are just to expensive.
  5. It hit my like a ton of bricks! Thanks for the help! have a great night!!!
  6. That was confusing to me. Inverted object of the curve? Delete or subtract this inverted object? From the piece? I guess a more detailed step by step would be greatly appreciated. I am just so confused on all of this and the terminology is all still new to me.
  7. I just started working and getting to know sketchup. I was watching one of Marc's videos (posted a link below). It was the gadget station video one. On this video he shows a model view of the project. In this project the legs have two curves. I cannot figue out how to make this work. Using the push pull tool is not possible, at least not that i know of. The rules I watch in some videos will not allow it. I have put an email into him asking but wondering if anyone else could point me in the right direction. If someone could explain how this was done that would be greatly appreciated!!! Image is at 11:00 min mark. http://thewoodwhisperer.com/episode-57-gadget-station-pt-1/
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