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  1. Check out this layout... taking what you said and applying it.
  2. Okay so I have determined that the cabinets need to be in that corner because it is wired for bench lighting. The dust collector needs to be in that corner because it on the only place it will fit. the lumber storage is the corner it will fit the best. here is an updated... the workbench is optional at this point. but I would like one... hate not having the ability to clamp things down and hold them. plus I already have two vises that I can put to good use. EDIT: Wood lathe comes in the future.
  3. Thank you, yes hobby/small business shop.
  4. I am not sure. I will have to look. I'll post up tomorrow
  5. Good afternoon, My shop space has insulated walls and I just blew r36 in the attic. I am thinking the garage doors are a weak point. Can I add insulation to the door itself? Rigid insulation? Another product? Also wondering how to test for draft? Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  6. I am not concerned with the pellet stove and duct work. It will be 5' over it. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  7. Keep the jointed and planer near the door? I like the idea of taking away the top section of the bench. Maybe moving the woodworking bench against the wall. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  8. Yes! This is definitely a future purchase.
  9. 25 wide and 30 deep. Kinda hybrid woodworking. Mostly power tools at this point. Outfeed table will double as assembly table. Duct work sizing, I have no idea. need help in that department too. I don't have the clearvue DC yet. I planned this layout for efficiency and workflow. But I am concerned with ductwork making the garage door not being able to open. Big issue? Not sure. I welcome suggestions on moving tools
  10. Good morning, Today I am getting serious about laying out my new shop. I live in ND so it is really cold this time of year. I just installed my pellet/corn stove and now am able to get the shop in place. I am starting to clean up the shop and get things up temporarily on the wall to get the floor cleared up. I want to talk about shop layout here. Below is a file within my google doc share. It is a google sketchup file. Please download, check it out and feel free to rearrange it to your opinion and re-upload or upload screen shots. If you don't want to download (scared of viruses), below will be some screen shots. My concerns... Jointer and thickness planer location dust collection layout jointer and planer duct collection going in front of garage (can't open garage then?) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6u9_XCu8PueT3hnTkZVak9vNXM/edit?usp=sharing FYI picture was right after moving everything in from the old house... a disaster. slowing getting in cleaned up!
  11. I have a 100 amp service in my shop. all 20 amp breakers except for 1 15 amp that services the exterior lights. On one breaker I have added 5 two bulb t8 fixtures and a 54" ceiling fan. This breaker is also connected to a few outlets. I am concerned I won't be able to use a large machine on these outlets if I have the lights on. I have calculated roughly 4-5 amps total for the lights and fan. I am thinking of smaller machines, sanders, 14" bandsaw, drill press... could it handle a jointer or planer on the same breaker? Oh and another question, I currently only have 110 tools... I would like to have an electrician or myself run conduit on the walls and install 220 around the shop... I believe I have a few more spots on the breaker... how many do I need for 220 and how difficult is it to install? do you recommend doing it myself after a bunch of research and video or just hire an electrician? I have wired 110 throughout the shop and am pretty comfortable with that... just not sure how to connect to the breaker panel.
  12. Bought a new house with a dedicated over-sized two stall garage for my shop!
  13. Why not have a down draft table as your bandsaw table? would help collect that dust that collects on the table? I know bandsaws are notoriously hard to collect dust from.
  14. This guys is incredibly talented... I have been following him for awhile now on youtube. Watched all his videos. Wish dirty money was still on!
  15. The constant up and down of temperature may cause humidity as well.. don't raise the temperature to fast or tools will get wet..... RUST.
  16. http://southbend.craigslist.org/tls/4165201999.html My buddy is looking at getting some tools and I came across this on CL for him... thoughts? I thought the prices were decent as long as the table saw table can be sanded out and refinished..
  17. I live in Bismarck, ND... #3 coldest city in North America!
  18. Getting into a new detached two stall shop. Really excited about laying it out and setting it up for a long duration in the shop. I want to do it right from the get go. My questions, is it worth it to frame and insulate the slab (x"? foam insulation) to help make the space warmer... 2x4's flat 16" on center? rigid foam in cavities? Floating? Screwed to concrete? Tongue and groove plywood? no T&G? Thoughts? Is there any good videos or tutorials out there?
  19. Attached is a sketchup file that i have a couple different layouts... need some help... I am going to do this as best as possible from the beginning. Most likely there will be layout changes as i get used to the space and find better ways to do things. There is a large garage door in front and small garage door in back. I am thinking of putting a wall in front of the back one (wont ever get opened) Note: i do not have duct work laid out and black box is pellet stove. If I decide to go gas heater the pellet stove will be taken out. Favorite layout: 4 File is too big to upload to forum.... here is google drive file... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6u9_XCu8PueRkU3X0JmQm44ems/edit?usp=sharing Thoughts??? EDIT: on #4 i would switch jointer and planer around.
  20. Higtron, do you see issues with condensation when the temperature fluctuates or does your stove keep it 50+ 24/7? how often do you have to re-stoke? Also, how about the distance away from the combustibles? is that a code or per each unit's manufactures directions?