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  1. Good afternoon, We just signed the papers for our new house... close december 6th. New home has a 2 stall detached shop that will be dedicated for my woodworking. I am planning on putting in a heating source (live in ND)... I am a big fan of using the scap wood for heat as well as eventually get my own pellet mill and create my own pellets from sawdust... grass clippings and leaves...Here are my thought options... 1. Gas heater. - can set it up with a thermostat and can keep it warm all the time 2. Wood Stove and gas heater - base load with the wood stove and still have the thermostat of the gas stove 3. Pellet stove and gas heater - thermostat on both 4. Wood stove. - no way of keeping it going.... must keep stoking the fire 5. pellet stove. - thermostat I should mention I do have the ability to get wood pellets very cheap. I am leaning towards installing a wood pellet stove first with a thermostat and then MAYBE a gas unit for peaking heat if needed.
  2. what are they used for?
  3. wow thanks for the information guys!
  4. holy buckets it is expensive! http://www.sawgear.com/Portals/0/Documents/SawGear_Order_Form_2013.pdf
  5. http://www.tigerstop.com/Products/SawGear.aspx Cool product... more contractor based? can it handle the extreme precision of a furniture maker?? saw it on this old house!
  6. Wow, made a pretty good hole there. this amazes me, not sure why.
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=paint+scraper&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS507US507&oq=paint+scraper&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j0l2.2265j0&sourceid=chrome&espvd=210&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8
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    wall color

    Th new house we put an offer on today has a 2 stall detached garage. The walls are osb and not painted. What paint color would be the best? Day to day woodworking and possible future filming?
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    Shop video

    52" fence on table saw?
  10. I would enclose it in the same room as it would be used... so the filter would be putting the air back into the shop... no issues there right?
  11. Good evening all, Probably buying an Oneida dust collector. I have been debating whether to enclose to control noise or not? My main thought is to control the noise for house (will be in two stall attached garage) and for neighbors. But the tools I will be using will be just as loud. Thoughts on to enclose or not? If so, will that hurt cooling the motor? Do I enclose the filter as well?
  12. ..back to the tools. ==> Let me first start by saying I have a full hobby shop right now Please list your current tools... Any solution will be some mix of new and old... 10" Delta table saw (30" fence) 6" Delta jointer Dewalt Planer DW735 Bench top drill press (older model) 14" Rigid Bandsaw - I feel this model is a bit cheap... HF oscillating spindle sander OLD OLD sanding station (disc and belt sander) Lowe's brand miter saw (lack accuracy and quality) 3HP PC router in a Incra table with fence Multiple routers Couple sets of chisels PC ROS sander HF Dust collector with shop built seperator and a .5 micron filter. Pry forgetting some stuff ==> I use a lot of sheet goods but am wanting to focus more on milling from rough cut lumber and focus on solid wood construction. Do you have a list of your near-term and mid-term projects? The size/type of projects is going to be a factor... ==> I am a hybrid woodworker! How much of a hybrid woodworker? For instance, if you want to go down the path of more hand work, will you start making mortise/tenon with hand tools? If so, then you don't need a mortiser... etc. I do everything with power tools and fine tune with hand tools if needed. I would like to have a full set of hand planes, especially to speed up surface prep before finishing. ==> focus more on milling from rough cut lumber What are your starting materials? Do you see yourself really getting rough lumber or are you talking S2S? Getting rough lumber and milling it yourself would place more emphasis of jointer/planer... Maybe you'll decide to source S2S and scale-back the J/P. Now that I think about it my lumber supplier sells S2S Finishing: any interest in spray kit? I have rocklers HVLP system... cheap but a good start to peek interest. I would not be thinking about furnishing a complete shop with that small of a budget. I would concentrate on the stationary tools and throw every dime at them. The small stuff can come later. Its easier to save a few hundred bucks for that small power tool or hand plane than it is the few grand for the machine. My Budget for my shop was 51 I spent 34 of that on stationary equipment. I would guess if you stay away from saw stop and head over to grizzly you could get a nice cabinet saw, 15 or 20" planer, 8" jointer, decent bandsaw, drill press, dust collector,drum sander and 3hp shaper while being close to your budget. 10K budget. Now if you can squeeze out 15 then you can easily throw in plenty of extras that will put the icing on the cake. Below is just an example of what I'm talking about. To Buy Now Price: Quantity: G1023RLX - 10" 3 HP 220V Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,495.00 Freight: $150.00 Total: $1,645.00 G0453 - 15" Planer Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,050.00 Freight: $150.00 Total: $1,200.00 G0490 - 8" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $925.00 Freight: $150.00 Total: $1,075.00 G1066R - 24" Drum Sander Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,595.00 Freight: $99.00 Total: $1,694.00 G0513X2 - 17" Bandsaw 2HP w/Cast Iron Trunnion Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,050.00 Freight: $99.00 Total: $1,149.00 G7948 - 12 Speed 20" Floor Drill Press Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $655.00 Freight: $99.00 Total: $754.00 G0441 - 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,395.00 Freight: $99.00 Total: $1,494.00 G1026 - 3 HP Shaper Item added on Wednesday August 28, 2013 Price: $1,095.00 Freight: $99.00 Total: $1,194.00 Add coupon or pricing code: Do you need liftgate service? What's this? Merchandise: $9,260.00 Freight: $945.00 **Subtotal: $10,205.00 I like this, a lot! Great total price and the full shop will be outfitted. How is grizzlies quality? One thing I should mention is I do not take pleasure in setting up tools (who does?) and tuning them. I have short patience and tend to rush through these things and fail to do a good job. I like any upgrades that make it more convenient to setting up, tuning, keeping them tuned to be highly looked at. Upgraded cutter heads, parallelogram jointer, ect ect... or am I off on this? I am a person that when I do something, I do it 100%. I would like to purchase tools that are high quality. What about if $15k was the first go round and spend that on half of the tools. Then another $15k a few months later? Particle Board... what cart would you create with two allotments of $15k? for a total of $30k? (doesn't need to be grizzly)
  13. I am reading all of your replies on my phone and absolutely love and appreciate everyone of them. When I can get to my computer I will answer some of the questions. How is grizzlies quality compared to other tools? What Particle Board has added to the cart really would revamp and work wonderfully in my price range but also don't want to settle just to get all the tools at once. I don't know how grizzly's quality is. I have not seen much of their equipment in person. Again, I will reply again when I can get to a computer.
  14. I would like to incorporate hand tool as well but I am mainly like a power tool man. I guess now that I think about it, My picture should be on the front cover of Marc's new book. I am a hybrid woodworker!
  15. This I 100% agree, but I am only a small hobby shop with only 3 years of experience. I need the experience of my fellow WTO'ers to give their opinions on what machines are a good choice? individual models would be wonderful!
  16. Byrdie, What tool model/brands would you pick for these tools? I guess that is my main questions... I just don't know what machines to buy..
  17. this may belong in power tool section?
  18. Good evening all, I will be moving into a new shop in less than 4 months. It will most likely be a 2 stall section of a 3 stall garage. I have a $10,000 fund to purchase all new tools, gadgets, and gizmo's. Let me first start by saying I have a full hobby shop right now, contractors delta table saw. dewalt planer, delta jointer, bench top drill press, and HF spindle sander. I am looking to upgrade and expand my larger power tools. I am asking you to give your pro's and con's and to somewhat put together "the list" of tools you would put in my shop. In my current (old) shop (1.5 stall garage), I was very tight on space. My workflow was very slow due to moving and setting up the next tool needed. I use a lot of sheet goods but am wanting to focus more on milling from rough cut lumber and focus on solid wood construction. Please copy and paste the list of tools (along with you additions) into your reply and express which tool I should purchase... List of tools off the top of my head (the list will most likely be over budget, and probably purchased as the funds come in). Table saw (Thinking Sawstop 3HP with 30" OR 50" rip?) Jointer Planer Miter saw (kapex?) Band saw (maybe two?) Disc and belt sander Oscillating spindle sander Lathe Full size drill press Domino Cyclone dust collector Collection of hand planes
  19. Thoughts? Pro's and con's? I will pry be moving into a two stall garage.