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  1. Good evening WTO'ers, I will be moving soon and setting up my new shop... I would like to purchase all of the cabinets in the shop... I am wondering what you all recommend? I am thinking the box store white utility cabinets that you find in laundry rooms and such... offer your thoughts! and links if you have them!
  2. love the ceiling and how the light comes through
  3. Good day everyone! I am planning on moving out of my small 1.5 stall garage once we buy a new house (thank God!). I would like to move the shop before putting home on the market... does anyone have advice on moving a shop? a very messy shop right now.
  4. job done. 2 hours for 7 stumps/bush roots
  5. I have dug out around the tree and shrubs and have a stump grinder on rental tomorrow... any tips or tricks? how deep do I grind? do I put anything on the remaining stump/roots to kill it?
  6. See picture. Mine will rest right here. Next shop project is extension wings and cross cut sled
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    Shop video

    Sub'd for future videos!
  8. http://www.staples.com/Paper-Mate-Mechanical-Pencil-05-mm-Dia-No-2-Lead-White-Barrel/product_PAP1750545
  9. I would bet nearly every one on this site has commissioned a project or sold something at a craft sale. As a hobbyist that is what I do. Learn on someone else's dollar. They pay for a commission and I complete it. Doesn't pay even close for my time but it does pay the utilities (electricity) and pays for additional tools and supplies.
  10. Ha. well i don't know about that but i do know winter is still here. We received 20" of snow last weekend.
  11. Renascence wax is what Marc uses.
  12. I bought a set of these... rarely use a normal square anymore for layout. these things are phenomenal
  13. Here is a solution I came up with for capturing the storage potential under my contractor saw... Dust collection comes to the cupboard under saw... the back up the saw needs to be sealed up to create more velocity and targeted DC. The far right bottom drawer will be used to store saw blades... a customer blade holder will be made... Any ideas on that? I would also like to tap into the dust collection line and make an over arm for the top of the table...I would like it to be able to hinge out of the way... I use the surface to break down sheet goods with my tracks saw... thoughts on
  14. Vic, do you have a video of a shop tour? I would like to see your shop!
  15. I should have been more clear.. I sharpend the "counter sink part".... but I find the actual tapered drill bit is getting dull.
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    Dang that stuff is expensive. only menards caries it in my area and it is $54.99. And actually the quality is pretty good how does this compare?