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  1. May plan is to glue up and make a 24" x 48" sanding board (carcass is 34" x 15 1/2". Use some elbow grease to flatten them down to mate properly. Will see what happens. It's 98° in Houston...gonna be fun Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I'm pretty sure that's what happened. One corner is fine, the other 3 look like this. I don't mind hand planing, but may use sandpaper to creep up on it. Seems like a safer choice. Thanks!
  3. I used my leigh jig to route some dovetails for a long box. I checked that the ends were square, but I keep getting the issue where I am about 1/16″ up on one end all around. Basically the top and bottom of the box are not flat. I have attached some pics and a 3d image to further illustrate my issue. Note, if the top is proud 1/16″, the bottom of the same board is less 1/16″. I’m thinking I was not perfectly square even though my engineers squares said is…not sure what happened. Currently the box is not glued up. Was thinking I could strike a line across the top and trim it off with my table saw (would have to make a jig to keep it square). Anyone have a fix for this or a way to conceal it somehow. I cannot remake it due to a deadline. Thanks!