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  1. I used butcher block clear oil to seal the old redwood. But it sure did darken the wood. I was surprised. I am half-considering removing the wax and oil and getting back to as much virgin wood as I can and starting over with something that won't darken it so much. thanks. Del
  2. Decided to go with butcher block oil, then Howard's bees/carnuba wax. This is the first coat of butcher block oil. I think it will be amazing.
  3. Cl That is with a wood cleaner coat (that will evaporate). It shows what the finish will look like.
  4. WOWZA. Beautiful. I will look into your suggestions. Thanks again. I'm in N> CA.
  5. I'd love to find a good home for it but I think you're a bit far away! :):) I just don't have a big enough house for it to be inside. So you're saying hard wax oil. That is not epoxy, right? thanks for the help... Del
  6. This all natural edge redwood burl slab came from a tree on the N. Coast of CA in 1972. I bought it (you could buy redwood burl back then), ran it through a planner, then refinished it with Carnuba wax -- 50 years ago! Then it got moved around, stored, weathered, and to my chagrin, unattended for too many years. I'm trying to bring it back but it's badly wounded. 7 feet long, 3 feet wide at the widest, and 4+ inches thick sitting on natural redwood drift wood. It's over half (60% or so) birdseye burl. Amazing piece. What would be your best advice to saving this table (and preventing any further cracking or splitting)? The pic showing the burl (birdseye) is just me wiping it down after sanding with a damp sponge to show the color and birdseye.,