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  1. Congratulations, Juan. You definitely deserve the recognition.
  2. Stampy, A few years ago, Delta went through a major restructuring and that interrupted their supply chain. I would have thought they'd have that back on track now, but apparently not? I'm guessing that the national chain of which you speak is KMS Tools. The store near me happens to be HQ and I've found the staff to be very good and the selection of woodworking tools equal to automotive/metalworking tools. They are usually my first stop when I need something repaired. A 3+ years ago, they got my Delta DJ-20 sorted out, but I haven't had to fix anything Delta since then. The othe
  3. Congratulations - you can categorize yourself as a winner! Do you like magic? Look behind your workbench - there should be one piece of used sandpaper there for you.
  4. Nope. Care to guess again? If you don't wan the LN #7, I'm happy to give you a piece of used sandpaper if you prefer. The top is 12-1/2" x 42".
  5. ... and you'll be able to taper twice as quickly?
  6. I've been thinking about a bandsaw or router jig to make the twisted legs, but so far, it's still faster to make them by hand. I'll buy anybody who can pick out a glue line in the top a LN #7. My focus online is my FlairWoodworks.com blog. I'm often around Twitter too, and I check forums when somebody points me to them, or when I'm bored (which doesn't happen too often).
  7. My video editing software goes into conniptions trying to render the twisted legs. It tries to straighten them.
  8. Why not do four sides tapered and twisted a la Table with a Twist?
  9. Sometimes, it's quicker or easier to use a jointer plane than the jointer. The same goes for a rip saw. I like having the option (the skill and tools) to choose which method to use. And I like to think I have the knowledge to make the smart choice.
  10. I'm going to store my 1" chisel in the knife drawer so I can rack up the points.
  11. Honestly, I don't care for the term "hybrid woodworker." I think that what you make is much more important than how you make it. I'm a sculptural woodworker.
  12. If you don't like standing the board on edge, here's another option - Woodpeckers Quick Corner Radius Jig.
  13. Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video. If anyone really does want a Magic Square, I am considering making some for sale. I made the first one as a gag, but have found it to be really quite useful and I'm quite attached to it. I'll post details on my blog when I figure out more. You obviously don't follow me on Twitter!
  14. The Freud reps I spoke to recommend setting the blade about 1/2 of a tooth above the material. If you are getting tearout on the top surface, raise the blade. If you are getting tearout on the bottom surface, lower the blade.
  15. For me, I think it was a circular saw, though I remember getting an orange B&D jigsaw and using it for every project.
  16. Magic Square is no ordinary square. From my blog http://flairwoodworks.com/2013/04/01/magic-square-changed-how-i-work/: Tolerances and precision in woodworking have been two ideas that I’ve been contemplating for a long time (see A Box Called “Tolerences” and A Box Called “Necessessity”). That was why Magic Square captured my attention. This video outlines the benefits of Magic Square (duration – 4:24). You can order the Magic Square here.
  17. You're welcome, Bill. Did it go smoothly for you? Did you also struggle with the O-ring?
  18. You might be interested in this blog post: http://www.canadianwoodworks.com/blog/shipping-a-custom-wood.html
  19. Do you have a picture of your crate before it left your shop? All, If you receive a SawStop, on the outside of the box is a notice saying that when you sign for it, make a note that there may be internal damage. I remember reading that Sam Maloof always shipped by air because there is less risk for danger and the extra costs were worth it, over the increased risk of shipping it by ground methods.
  20. That is a great deal. I can't believe these haven't sold yet. Short of going with a Shelix, the carbides are the way to go with the DW735.
  21. As with a card scraper, a hook will make a #80 cabinet scraper work more aggressively. The width of shaving depends on the amount of scraper engaged with the wood, or the amount of camber you've applied. 3/4" is a good place to start.