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  1. Hello All, New to the site but an avid amateur woodworker. I am very lucky - my nephew is reasonably wealthy and has offered to purchase a jointer for me. The offer was made as a thank you for a piece I made for his parents (see attached photo). I am trying to decide between the PM 54A or the Jet JJ-6CSDX. Both are 6" wide, with tables that are approximately 5-6' long, and use knives instead of helical cutting head. I'm limited to units that are 110V compatible. Both units are in the 1200-1500 price range and support my 110 V requirement. I've checked on the availability of the Jet unit and they're telling me if I ordered now, shipping would take place in January. I have not called PM as I would assume the same is true. I'm torn between which unit to request - regardless of shipping delay. Any opinions? Regards, Ryan