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  1. I love mine, anything that reduces my use of sandpaper makes me a happy camper. They DO NOT work on a lathe from what I can tell. They do however turn into flying stainless steel rectangles of death...
  2. I tried one a while back (forget the name) but it lacked the accuracy of .1 degree. It was closer to 3 degrees. I've got a 3gs so maybe the 4 or 4s can be more accurate?
  3. I'd guess if your business is honest he wouldn't do it. The logic flows about like third grade play ground fights. He hit me first so I kicked him in the groin! It is the twisted version of the golden rule. Do unto others as you think they have done unto you.
  4. No, I don't disagree that large businesses do their best to take advantage of people. Where we differ is how to counter act it. From what I understand of your response is: Cheating policies to cost them money. Which is ok because they do it to you and they are still making a nice profit from you. My take on that is this: First, engadging in the same behavior you are protesting is a failing approach. It reminds me of a t-shirt I saw ones "****ing for abstinence". And second, if they are still making a healthy profit from you how can you say you are really hurting their corporate greed. I
  5. Fighting back would be purchasing somewhere else so they don't make money. All this does is encourage them to continue doing what they are doing. Why walk away from a business model that lets them sell at a still "pretty high" margin. I'd say there isn't much ambiguity at all. The manager said his store didn't honor the policy. You found a simple way to trick someone into honoring it. That is about as ambiguous as hiding a pack of sand paper in side another item you bought and not paying for it. Because really it was the checkers job to make sure you didn't do something wrong. And they stil
  6. My hd/lowes won't match HF coupons because they aren't local. But lowes always has the 10% movers coupons available you can get.
  7. Buy it, mill it up and resell it? Then buy materials for your bench and probably some nice tools as well.
  8. On a side note, did you let them dry out or check the moisture? Lots of construction lumber, even the kiln dried kind, is much wetter than is usable for furniture grade items.
  9. I've got a 5hp grizzly cabinet saw and love it. It will eat 3/4 dados out of hard wood all day long.
  10. This seems a bit broad of a statement. I've seen 15" grizzlys give as good a cut as my dewalt 735 does. A well tuned planer should work like... a well tuned planer. Plus if you ever need to plane a 14" board the larger size will come in handy
  11. Can you swing a 735 in the budget? A little larger, better height adjustment, two speed and you can upgrade to a shelix head later if you want. I'd rather have a used 735 than a new 733 if you can find one.
  12. I ran many bf of glued up pine for my bench build through my dewalt 735 with no ill effect. Of course the second day I had the planer I ran a piece of pine with a pin knot through and knicked a blade. Dewalt replaced the set of blades free though so I assume the planer is built to handle construction grade lumber.
  13. My suggestion would be a GOOD bandsaw and a track saw. That will do almost everything a table saw will. You have a router so you can use it for dados. Stay away from benchtop jointers. They are crap. Buy a good planer like a dewalt 735 and build a sled for it, you can do all your jointing with it.
  14. I've got the non-p version of the G0452 and am pretty happy with it. The two things I preferred on it are the raised off/on switch and the fence is rack and pinion adjustable. Not a huge deal either way but I like those two things. Like others have said avoid the benchtop. They are a waste of raw materials.