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  1. I went with two coats of Cetol SRD. Time will tell. Thanks for the advice!
  2. 138 views and no responses. :^(
  3. I made a couple of Adirondack chairs out of cypress. I didn't apply any finish to them. After a couple of months of use they've developed checks and cracks. Two years ago I made the same chairs out of cedar. They've held up well with no splits. Was it a mistake to use cypress? How can I save them? What finish should I use?
  4. Mark and Gregory, Many thanks for the tips. There is no way I could shave with the blade the way it is now, and it seems I have more work to tune up my plane (I never touched the chip breaker). Long term, this is a skill I want to develop. Short term, I just learned that I've inherited an electric planer. So, I'll have the best of both worlds. Thanks again!
  5. This is my first attempt to use a plane, a brand new Anant Kamal No. 5 Jack Plane. I tuned it up, as best I could. I was practicing on some scrap cypress and managed to get reasonably decent shavings. I moved on to hard maple and now I get nothing but sawdust. I tweaked the plane a bit, but still get nothing but dust. Is hardwood planed differently than soft?
  6. A J, this is great stuff. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. I suspect for, for this project, I'll invest in a hand plane. In the mean time I'll be saving for the lunchbox. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
  7. I'm also new to woodworking, and I'm also trying to wrap my head around this. I understand that each piece will be turned after it is cut so that dimension will be determined by accuracy of my cut. But I'm trying to understand how exact the boards have to be before any cuts are made. I'm about to purchase the kit from Bell Forest ( Like Mr. Graham, I don't own a planer. The wood from the kit is rough cut, so I am assuming there is no guarantee that they will have the identical thickness. I assume the two pieces must be the same thickness and absolutely fla