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  1. I use them to clamp up laminations (much easier and less wasted space than F clamps), clamping things on the bench, drill press, band saw, etc. Also great for clamping lap joints and dimensional lumber. While I have a bunch of other clamps, for their cost, they have a lot of benefit to me.
  2. Two words LEE VALLEY. Rob Lee and his staff go out of their way to benefit the customer. Our nearest Woodcraft closed and it's not worth the trip to go to the other store for the sales they have. I only buy online from Rockler when they have a decent promotion of interest - which is infrequent to me. I HATE their Schaumburg store - the biggest power tools there are the staff. I usually buy online from Lee Valley and Highland Woodworking - their customer service, selection and prices are worth the wait.
  3. What Terry said. Any finish work is done at the end of the day, then head in for a refreshing beverage or more...
  4. I'd love to have that kind of wall space to hang clamps. I also have a rollable cart. More efficient for my shop and mobile...
  5. Woodworker's Supply have a dust collection coupling skirt that attaches to a metal garbage can. I've been looking at this myself...
  6. I also ordered the 12" combo and 4" double squares from Harry Epstein. The "seconds" weren't that noticeable and definitely don't effect performance.
  7. GREAT job nick! I love the clean lines of that.
  8. I use the Micro Jig Pro splitter on shop-made Baltic birch and MDF ZCIs with no problem. I prefer shop-made because you can have process-specific inserts - like 45-degree angle, dados, etc.
  9. I'm still waiting for my 40" clamps...
  10. I bought a Laguna LT 14x14 SUV with my annual bonus money. It's great when a plan comes together!
  11. I spent some time looking at bandsaws and decided to get a Laguna LT 14x14 SUV. I only plan to buy one of these and am not a production shop. The 3hp motor, 14" cut, saw brake and mobility kit were the ticket for me. You might consider one of their 110v units if you don't have/want 220v. They seem to have had great success with their larger commercial units and have received great reviews for this unit. If you plan to resaw, don't scrimp on the motor power or cutting height - unless you plan to have several bandsaws.
  12. JMort847


    I received a Lie-Nielsen #62 from Mrs. Santa...
  13. "...raisin' it up, waxin' it down. In a little white box that I can sell uptown." Old enough to remember, young enough to care. ;-)
  14. Another option is to use a "spit coat" of shellac (2 parts unwaxed shellac (Zinsser's Bullseye Sealcoat) to 3 parts denatured alcohol (Behlen Behkol)) to prevent Cherry blotching. An unwaxed shellac allows other varnishes to be used, if needed. I don't stain Cherry, but Zinsser's literature says you can put stain over the spit coat if needed. It's always a great idea to try whatever on scrap pieces of the project's wood to test finish, color, etc. before you do anything to the finished piece.
  15. Owl Hardwood in Des Plaines is a great source. Definitely don't buy "Tiger Ply" veneered plywood at Menards. I did one time when funds were low and I needed some bookcases. Horrible stuff. I now go to Owl for most of my project needs.