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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can many, many hours in the creation, but should last for generations.
  2. Okay, the reveal day has finally arrived. I picked it up yesterday evening and to say that I’m thrilled with the upholstery would be an understatement. My only other slight concern was getting the angle of the chair correct and I have to say, it fits like a glove. So happy. Lots of pictures. I also completed a small walnut side table with legs that curve to match. Hope you folks like it. I can see many mornings in that chair with a cup of coffee looking out into my backyard and into the woods.
  3. Absolutely beautiful! One day I aspire to retire from my career and work full-time into my woodshop. Wow....just saw that you too are a WNY native. I would love to see your work firsthand and one of your venues. Go Bills!
  4. This will be my last update for about 2 months. My upholsterer told me that he would be ready for my project towards the end of February. I also just finished a matching ottoman. I figured a lounge chair would be even more comfortable with a foot rest. I just need to put on a finish coat of Polyx. I have one coat of Extra Thin on it now. I think the ottoman will give additional leeway for those with varying heights where they now do not have to place their feet on the floor. It should certainly be more comfortable. Finally, I included the fabric/color that I choose. See you in about 2 months, I hope.
  5. Thank you. Honestly, I thought seriously about your suggestion. However, the through-style of the backrest had me a little concerned. I made the seat cushion in my Maloof horn back chair and it looks good, but it is not that comfortable. I will need to have it redone.
  6. If I was price shopping, then I might be able to understand. Hanging up on someone, I will never understand. Anyhow, I found another guy and paid him a visit. He has given me a few modifications on the frames and then I should be underway. Hope to get it back to him this weekend.
  7. Thanks. This might take a while as I am struggling to find an upholsterer. I actually had a guy hang up on me this morning mid conversation because I had contacted him 2nd. The first company responded right away, but now has gone silent. Ugh! This world and people in general continue to surprise me.
  8. Frames completed. Took a bit of risk since I didn’t have an upholsterer’s input, but I based it off of Bmac’s photos. Now, just waiting to confirm with an upholsterer, take it in for comments, and then final sand and finish before I bring it in.
  9. Taking advantage of some if my end of year vacation time. Everything sculpted and sanded to 150 grit.
  10. Here’s my mistake. Instead of following my template side profile, I mistakenly cut in to create a swoop before the end of the arm. In the corrected version, I created a side profile swoop, but the bottom line flows from back to front unlike my 1st version. Ugh! its not completely finished, but the lines are now roughed in.
  11. What are your thoughts on this? Many layers of walnut CA. I actually think it turned out decent. At the deepest part of the void, it was about 3/8” deep.
  12. Not happy with the way my arms came out. Ugh! I screwed up plain and simple. I will need to redo both of these and not happy since I have so many hours into the originals. The rails coming off the back rest did not flow into the arms. Not sure why I fashioned the back half of the arms the way I did. I have another piece where I thought I could get another two arms, but one section has a really big void, so I don’t know if it will work. I would need to fill with black epoxy which I don’t currently have. It might be some time before I can post another update as I might have to get more walnut and this board was thicker than 8/4”, so it might be a special order. Frustrating….that was a dumb and expensive mistake on my part.
  13. I’m going to try and have a professional make the back and seat cushions. However, I will make the frames.
  14. Next up, I need to rough out the arms. After roughing it out on my bandsaw, I used my Bosch right angle grinder/sander with 50 grit to do most of the work. Also, my mini Porter Cable belt sander, various rasps, and my Festool orbital sander. i have a lot more rasping and sanding ahead of me to get these into their final shape.
  15. Here’s an update: Blended the legs into the rails with a lot of craving and sanding. Again, I don’t have a power carver like a foredom, so this is a bit laborious, but still effective. It was mostly accomplished with a Flexcut carving tool, a saddle rasp, and good old fashioned sandpaper.