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  1. Rob and Paul-Marcel, I like you style. Good stuff. My wife and I discussed it last night and decided to buy one... As others have said, there are many more things I can build later on. Thanks again everyone for the advice!
  2. If I do decide to build the crib, it will be one that converts to a full size bed (ie: the front becomes the footboard and the back becomes the headboard).
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I am definitely confident enough in my skills to build this and have about 8 months to do so, but also know that there are many things to consider (especially for safety) when doing so. Vic, that's an awesome looking cradle! You should be proud!
  4. My wife and I are expecting our first baby and I am considering building the crib. Anyone have any experience with this type of project? Specifically, has anyone built one like this and know about how many board feet of lumber I would need? I'm just wanting to get a rough estimate in order to do an analysis of the cost of building vs. buying. Thanks in advance for any help and advice!