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  1. I didn't want to buy this but never seen this below $230. Seems like a great deal on a great dado set especially for those who didn't win anything at the Christmas party last night.
  2. Try this site out to learn some of your tools basics. It has some videos and great safety tips on how to use your tools. http://www.newwoodworker.com/
  3. Thanks I think that will work nicely. The table is very nice and hope mine comes out very similar.
  4. As topic states I'm in the design and planning stages of building a hall table with shelf. I'm going to build something similar to Corey's Occasional Table in the view's section: http://www.thewoodwh...t_type=tables-2 I'm curious on the best way to mount or type of joint to use for the bottom shelf to allow for wood movement since it appears the shelf is trapped inside the legs. I'm thinking of notching the legs to allow for the shelf to sit on and leaving a gap in the rear legs to allow for movement (might not be that noticeable in the rear). Any other ideas putting a shelf on the table?
  5. I think I understood that part of the video. What I'm wondering is where the screws the string in, do they all need to be at the same points? i.e. 1/2" from top, 1/2" from edge? Thanks!
  6. After watching Marc's video I'm a little confused by the string method. Does it matter the location of mounting the strings to the rails?
  7. I'm working in a 2-car garage with a need to have one car parked in the garage so I'm always in need of space and mobile equipment. This project allowed me to have a router table and some extra storage space for my featherboards, router bits/accessories, etc. As you can see from the tabletop I still don't have enough storage space. The workstation was built in 3 stages. 1st Stage: Table Saw Base Built the mobile base for the tablesaw unit. I figured I would have gotten more than 1 drawer out of the unit but after building the dust collection chute I had very little space left for more storage. 2nd Stage: Extension Base for Router Table and Drawers I added this for more storage and created a double door to keep access for the tablesaw internals. I also needed this base so I could create the enclosure for the router table. 3rd Stage: Router Enclosure As you know the router table can create a lot of saw dust so this was built and seems to work pretty well. I have a 4-1/2" dust collection port for the enclosure and a aux 2-1/2" dust collection port for above the table.
  8. You might want to go with the used route to start. Learn how to joint, sharpen and set saws before working on your nice $150 saw.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I like the look of breadboard ends but maybe it will grow on me as I look at more furniture.
  10. I think my next project is going to be building a hallway style table. Rough dimensions will be 20" W x 44" L x 30" H. Haven't decided on the type of wood yet. I haven't built anything with breadboard ends and haven't seen Marc use this technique in his projects yet. Is there a rule of thumb to when you should use them? If you're allowing the tabletop to move by having a "floating" attachment to the apron do you need them? Thanks
  11. I use 220 grit sandpaper to flatten my stones. If you're like me I'd save the $100.
  12. Wish I could help you out because I do have the tools (6" jointer, lunchbox planer, table saw) but not a lot of free time with wife in school and taking care of a 4 yr. old most of the weekend and nights. It's possible we could figure something out but not 100% sure.
  13. Owl Lumber in Lombard might do it for you. What type of wood are you planning on using for the bench?
  14. I do travel quite a bit in the Midwest,next time I'm through WI I'll have to check that mill out in Moraine. OWL in Lombard seems to have a better selection than the shop in Sycamore. The places here do seem a bit expensive. Been using Menards for S4S red oak and looks like their S3S red oak and hard maple look to be okay for conveniency.
  15. Trying to find other good wood sources and your favorites in the Chicago area. I've mostly used OWL Lumber over in Lombard. Been to another store in Sycamore but haven't really purchased anything there yet. Any other recommendations?