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  1. @Mark J I am not taking it completely apart. the cubby holes backing is broken so I have to take the tambour off to fix that. this is it as far as I will take apart. everything I have taken off is tounge and groove no nails or screws I will be cleaning and refinishing. from here. I like the idea of the scot pads. im not sure about anything else grandpa and I restored it with sandpaper murpheys old English and alot of elbow grease. we did have to rebuild a tambour for it but I will be putting new canvas on it for a smoother roll after all these years of scraping on the broken backing. I will keep you allow to date
  2. @Tom King the rounded front edge is a wharped trim piece. and is bent only on one side. @wtnhighlander when you run your hands across the wood you can feel how dry and cracked a lot of the wood really is. the mail pieces like the sides top and tambour are in good shape i just hate that my aunt let this happen I took the pieces that slide out out last night most of the desk is tounge and groove very few nails or screws at all. the look better but will still need refinish. Im mainly worried about the tambour as Grandaddy did that last time cause i was so young. Thank you for the help and suggestions I will try to keep you all posted.
  3. I have a secretary roll top. I want and need to restore it. I will need to take it apart to do so in some areas. I did it with my grandpa when I was6. im now 33 and just got it back from. my aunt who let it sit outside. this is my start. and and all help will be greatly appreciated. im so over whelmed and heart sick over this piece it is very specially to me. I dont care about its worth monetarily. I will be keeping it till I die.