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  1. Hi Aaron, I really like the addition of the single lift element at the front of the side leg - to my eye, it balances the lift on the top edge at the back of the side leg. I hope you'll post a drawing or photo of what you finally decide to do.
  2. Hi Jim, Really nice designs. Every time I've ever designed a Greene & Greene-inspired piece I've gone through this same exercise: multiple revisions and opinions. Their design vocabulary is so rich that it can be difficult to find just the right balance. I have to say that I really like the table version with the contoured breadboard ends. It lightens the piece a bit and just looks right to me. This is, of course, the problem with soliciting opinions: if one person says "white" someone else is sure to say "black." Good luck. David
  3. TexWood - thanks for the mention of my book. I hope you enjoyed it.
  4. Those of you who have been following this thread might be interested in my blog entry today. I'm writing about modern Greene & Greene furniture makers for CustomMade.com. Darrell Peart is one of the craftsmen I'm highlighting. So I decided to write about him for my blog today as well. It isn't in depth but there's a photo of a beautiful new piece he's added to his Aurora collection which is worth a look. I'll try to post the URL but I don't know if that will work. If not, a link to my site is in my signature. From there click on Essas and Blog in the menu. http://www.wood-and-light.
  5. Chester - I too agree that the right hand version is the most harmonious. But after looking a little longer, I thought "Why not continue the line from the inner doors to the outer doors?" Nothing says that the top rails have to be the same size (approximately) on all of the doors. Then I looked at Darrell's drawing and saw that that is exactly what he had done. Not surprising - Darrell's the man. If I were you, I'd try a version of the sketch that way just for comparison. By the way, great job. David
  6. Chester - My pleasure and thank you for your kind comment. While Pasadena is the center of the Greene & Greene universe, you can see some of their work in other parts of the country. I see that you are in Michigan. The Detroit Institute of Art has the Blacker house dining room table in it's collection. Cleveland has a secretary from the Cordelia Culbertson house and, last time I was there, a living room chair from the Blacker house. Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh all have pieces as well. There are others but those I've listed are closest to you. To my way of thinkin
  7. Hi Chester (and everyone else) -- As much as I'd love for you to buy my book, I think that based on what you've written in this thread, Darrell's book is the best bet for you. As you saw when you looked at my book in the store, it is not a howto. I reveal many details that most people haven't seen before but do not offer instruction. Darrell does that and does it very well. On a related note, I encourage you to buy the book directly from Darrell (and to buy any book directly from the author when possible). WIthout getting into details, the royalty to the author from a book sale via