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  1. Thank you for your appreciation. I am planning to sell some stuff someday. For now, I am in the moment of learning step by step in woodworking and maybe in the future, 3D printing. I am just thankful my grandpa left me this Badog CNC machine. It gives me joy to work some stuff and most of all with this machine, I feel like he is beside me teaching me new things about CNC milling & guiding me. If you have any idea what's best to sell, would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time so much.
  2. It's been a long time since I made a new one. This week I spent some time making my second project. I used Badog CNC artisan 22, the one that my late grandfather gave when he was having his retirement in Switzerland. I am happy with the outcome and it leaves a great surface after using it. Seems gold to me and the experience is amazing. Any learnings you can give me, please do comment. I am really new with all of this stuff, I did some study with some experts, and I'm in need of your ideas and learning you can impart. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Thank you very much! Your rules are now on my list. I welcome everything for me to grow in this kind of business. Thanks a lot.
  4. Yes it does. The CNC leaves a good surface. The first try came out a bit messy, so I tried to figure things out. I did a lot of YouTube watching, and taking down notes to other hobbyist's words nearby. Thank you very much for the appreciation!
  5. Oh thank you so much! I am learning every time I am in the middle of work. I also welcome criticism and suggestions, it helps me a lot in this CNC world.
  6. This is my first ever project using Badog CNC machine, I believed it's a Swiss-made. My grandpa bought it when he was still alive and living his retirement in Switzerland. How do you find it? I hope it's great to you.