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  1. I am a very old retired woodworker. I developed a neuropathy in my nerves that control my leg muscles. I lost my balance and fell on my running cabinet saw. Much healing later I knew my woodworking days were over. But the love of the woodworking is still there. So for enjoyment I lurk on several sites and follow the posts. I am very handy capped now. Reading the posts gives me much joy in a dull day. I hope you guys don't mind if I just lurk around. As far as the lumber goes, to look at it all is mind numbing. There is a lot more than I showed pics of. There are a lot of big and small turning blocks in different species. All the wood outside includes the shelters they are in if you want them. I believe it will take several Flatbeds to haul it all. Any one seriously interested really should make the trip to see if it is what they want.
  2. 60 to 70 thousand board feet rough cut hardwood lumber to be sold as one lot. cherry,oak,maple,and black walnut. It is located in Iron Mountain Mi. If interested I have many photos. email me for photos as I don't know how to get them on here. Asking price is $35000 or best offer. Please Call 1-906-282-7796