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  1. I know how you feel when the safety device goes off, I actually got my hand in the way and it went off, saved a few fingers, lost a blade and the cartridge. I have a post here talking about the incident. Sawstop save Glad you figured out the issue, SawStop replaced my cartridge and I bought a new blade, total cost of about $50 and 3 weeks waiting for the unit from SawStop.
  2. I too have been looking for that marketable item that will sell, I have been going to art fairs, galleries, blogs and reading lots of books from the library, I think I have the item(s) and now I need a market plan and test market. Sorry, not giving away my ideas, but it just takes time. Good luck...
  3. Scary is right, I am starting to get a better memory of the situation and it was a reaction, but for the amount of damage I had to force my finger into the blade at an angle or side to do what it did. Right now, almost 3 weeks after it happened I only have a small scab/extra skin where it went the deepest into my finger. Called SawStop and they have not yet analyzed the unit due to holidays and work load. I guess I need to go to Timber and pick up another unit. I have gifts to finish and the table saw in essential in making them. I love my saw!
  4. The kickback happened so fast that I can only say what I remember, and it is still fuzzy. I was cutting a piece about 8" long, it was about 1 3/4" wide and I needed a 3/4" piece for a glue up. I was using the safety guard earlier but at 3/4" my push stick would not fit, so I removed the guard and put the riving knife in. Thus I was cutting the board and I know that I should not have my had my hand close to the blade but I guided the board almost all the way through the cut. I removed my hand and set it about 5" or so away on the table about even with the center of the blade as I pushed the
  5. Saw stop saved my finger on 11/10/10, this is the message or testimony that I sent to SawStop when I reported the accident. I would like to say that I am very glad that the extra money spent went to good use in buying a SawStop Contractors Table saw. I had a kickback that hit my left hand, thus causing me to flinch and hit the blade. I did not have the blade guard installed, just the riving knife as I was cutting a narrow piece from the board. After the activation, or loud "BANG" I looked at the saw and wondered where the blade went, not realizing what had just happened I looked at my
  6. drallred


    I have had similar problem with dust, I went first with a different filter on top of my DC, but it soon clogged up. Read what I did here, Dust Issues, So far it is working with a little bit of dust and the suction is greater too. But I would have to agree with the others, do not double up, just do more homework and find a better solution. For me the Thien Separator was the best for the money. Good luck
  7. Dyami, From the time we went to the store and the time we finished it was about 3 hours, but that included the time it took to clean the filter, which was a mess. We just laid out the circles needed, cut in the sides where the diameter is smaller and used our circle cutting jig to cut the circles. The hardest part was making sure that the screws in the metal aligned with the dowel rods. I will keep posting on the efficiency of the modification. David
  8. drallred


    Great looking table, now you need a cable management tray on the back to hide the cables. David
  9. I have heard of this stuff doing wonders for removing rust, AUTOSOL Metal Polish, look it up, I know you can get it from Amazon. Saw the post on Lumberjocks about the stuff and rust on a hand plane. David
  10. After looking around, looking at the expensive cyclone collectors and other options, we found a site, Thien Separator and looked in the forum and found a person that fitted the separator into his Jet DC-1100 and with great success. Well after spending $10, could have been less if HD had a 2x2 piece of 1/2" MDF, we made the item and placed it into the DC. We sucked up about 2 gallons of fine dust and chips, ran the planner taking large cuts, ran the drum sander and took off 1/2" of wood, and after all that there was very little dust in the filter. Where before it would plug up real fast. He
  11. Right now the DC has about 8" of chips in the bottom bag, when I run the DC it will stir up the contents in the bottom and suck the fine stuff into the filter again. Thus, cleaning the filter and having the dust fall into the bottom bag does nothing, after a few minutes of running the dust is again sucked up into the top and the DC starts loosing power. I was up late researching this issue and I might try calling Jet and see if they have an idea as to why this is happening. I think it is common and these are used in the home shop where the majority of sanding is done by hand and the DC o
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  13. Well, I have one quick question, I have a Jet DC-1100 with a canister filer. I use it a lot, primarily collecting dust from my sanding equipment, well, it is not doing so well. I looked into the issue, because when I spin the handles that spin the flaps to clean the filters it worked for a min or two, then the suction goes way down and I have to stop and do it all over again. So, after spinning the flaps I took the canister off and this is what I found. Not to mention the ton of dust from the filter that I cleaned out. Well, I thought for a sec or ten, lets do a test. So my fath
  14. Hang in there, I worked for years trying to get the nerve to start my shop, All I had was some hand power tools and a few "hand me down" hand tools. I am now working on getting the cheaper tools, like clamps, chisels, squares, and other useful stuff to go along with my large power tools that I picked up. And yes, every time I go into the shop I keep saying the same thing you do, "if only I had...". Well, time will only tell, I have to get back and make some simple train whistles for a customer, now where did I put that tape measure? David
  15. I have a Jet 16-32 drum sander and I had a hard time the first time until I found that the paper is placed at an angle, the paper I have, has on each end, a diagonal cut that when aligned with the edge of the drum it shows me the right angle to clip the paper to the drum. Then I make a nice crease where the paper comes out of the clip and start wrapping, the hard part was keeping tension on the paper and placing it in the final clip without letting it move. Took me a few dozen tries before I got it. My main problem is getting the paper just right with a slight gap between the turns, this