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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I remembered I had some tongue and groove cedar planks, so glued up some for the roofs. The supports are dovetailed into the bottom panel (maple I think) and should flex when the bottom panel or roof moves with the weather. The blocks with various sized holes for different species and sizes of bees are removable for annual inspection or replacement as tperson mentioned. These solitary bees don't sting, don't make honey, but are even better pollinators than honey bees, as they don't pack pollen away in sacs but all over their underside belly hairs. I didn't put any finish on, so we'll see how they last!
  2. Hi all, Say you were making a 2x1x1 ft bird house to be hung outdoors. You could make a glued panel for the roof using Titebond 3, with a design so rain would drain off. If you left it unfinished, how long would it last? This is in NorCal in a part with no snow. Not wanting to put finish on, this is actually for solitary bees. Perhaps I could paint just the top? Or is there a way to make a panel for outdoor use with no glue?