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  1. Well everytime I work on a project, I try to not have more than 3 - 5 tools in my work area. Otherwise I feel crowded. So I do put them back. But that doesn't seem to matter because I have Shop Gremlins in my garage that come out during the night and move my tools so that when I come in the next time, I can't find what I'm looking for. I believe that they are the cousins of the Red Pen Gremlins that live in my office at work. I swear, I can use a red pen, set it down on my desk, walk away for 5 minutes, and when I come back, it's gone. They eventually turn up... under my desk, in random drawer
  2. Thanks for the responses. I will tell him. And I personally use a set of 5 General gouges that I bought on a whim at a garage sale at my condo complex. A lady 2 garages over had a ton of tools for sale (widow), and just for the hell of it I bought the gouges a couple years ago and never had a use for them until a few weeks ago. Then I decided to see how much they were worth, and places are selling them anywhere from $35 to $54! I would say that they were worth my $5!
  3. Well then... I guess I need to move.
  4. After reading another members post on a project mishap, I decided to see what other mishaps/horror stories were out there. I'll start. Two years ago my fiance and I moved into a condo that had a fireplace but the previous owner took the mantel. After looking into mantels at stores online and in person, we decided that they were a bit too much for us to afford after just purchasing a condo. So, I started looking into building one although I had taken 10+ years or so off of doing anything really wood related, I felt I could tackle it. After researching different techniques, woods, and finish
  5. I think you are actually living my life because I do the same exact thing. All the time. It's the shop gremlins I tell you...
  6. Brett, superb piece. I wish I could build something like that. I have the ability to make the metal hardware, but as far as the jointing... well, that talent escapes me. And I have had one of those days, so I feel your pain.
  7. Agreed. Sometimes it sucks because I will want to do something on a specific day and get geared up and then be like "Hey honey, I tink I'm going to go to *insert event here* on *insert date here*...", and she'll be like "Honey, you can't. We have *insert event here* that day". And then I go "Ohhh yeahhh, that's right!" and walk away with a scowl on my face. hahaha
  8. Lately I have been doing a lot of small projects. Just little things for the family. And I can't help but want to go out and get a bandsaw for all the curved pieces. Right now I'm getting by without one and using my miter saw or table saw for rough cuts and then a jigsaw for curved cuts. But a bandsaw is just calling my name. Now here's the catch. I have no room. Literally, I have no floor space for it. I have a condo with a one car garage, which the fiance parks in. I built a tall storage cabinet against the back wall and built a big rolling tool bench that sits next to that. On the left
  9. Yeah Bobby, I just gave up after a while. We have the same group of friends, and both have big families. Plus we've been together so long that my sisters have just taken to telling her the plans for holidays/bdays, etc etc. Because after they've told me once, I'm bound to forget. But the Social Planner always has my event schedule handy. Gotta love her though.
  10. So a coworker of mine saw what I was carving on my lunch break and we struck up a conversation about woodworking and he expressed interest in purchasing some chisels and gouges just to play with on occasion and then asked for recommendations. My first thought was the Woodcraft store down the street for some Flexcut items, but he didn't seem to like the price. And it seems to me that he's the type that wants "middle of the road" pricing because he tends to dip in and out of hobbies. I told him I would ask around. So, any recommendations on brands for "middle of the road" chisels/gouges? Or at l
  11. That's fantastic. I always refer to mine as "The Warden". And after dozens of times of making plans, then having to cancel them because I already made other plans with The Warden for family events or parties, I now just tell people "I'm not sure, check with my Social Planner".
  12. This is pretty damn funny is you ask me. I'm willing to bet that my piece would probably criticize me... "You're doing it wrong"... or "It looks nothing like the drawing"... or "Why don't you leave me alone and organize your tools".
  13. Vic that's a pretty funny story. Your wife sounds like my fiance. And flair, I've carved with a utility knife before and never knicked myself. But I did manage to cut myself twice in the same night, on the same hand, with a razor sharp pocket knife while attempting to carve a piece of 2x4 with knots in it. The next day I went out and got some Basswood. Knots and I usually don't get along. The only knots I ever met that I got along with are in the wood on the fireplace mantel I made last yer.
  14. I hope I can make it to that show. Feb is an extremely busy month for me. But I think I'm going to set aside a weekend for myself and head out.
  15. I learned this lesson at a young age, then forgot it, then learned it again... the hard way. I was taught wood working skills as a child, but then drifted towards the automotive world so when I was starting out working on cars and had my own job, and my Dad didn't have a random tool I needed, I would go out looking and decide on the "deal" as opposed to the one that was more expensive. Well, after breaking a few ratchets and slamming my knuckles off the ground or into sharp points on the vehicles, and killing an angle grinder or two, I started purchasing the higher priced/higher quality tools.