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  1. Hey Folks, Im wondering if my jointer is coplanar or if a subtle dip in my outfeed table is causing the problem. I was jointing some pieces of African mahogany and ended up with rocking chairs trying to joint 1 edge. The more I run it over the jointer the more extreme the hump on the edge gets. My first thought was my outfeed table was sagging but I checked and infeed and outfeed seem coplanar. Then I sat the straight edge on the oufeed table and found a dip right in the middle about .0025", would that be enough to cause this problem?
  2. Well just an update on the Project. I went to the Borg Thursday night for some 3/4" MDF and found that they had 1/2" available(sigh of relief). Anyone who has wrestled 3/4" MDF for any length of time knows that stuff weights about 90 lbs a sheet so 1/2" sounds great. I got two sheets and even had then cut in half since they had a panel saw right there. I used the cutlist plug in for sketchup so I knew it was safe to have the sheets cut. I also got some sand paper and drill bits, total so far on the project: $88.00. I spent saturday morning altering the plans to account for 1/2" material rather than 3/4", reprinted my cut list and headed to the shop. I made good progress Saturday getting the main box structure built. I am building this console in 4 main parts: The "Box", the bottom stand, and the two drawers. Since the box is built Ill build the two drawers tonight and hopefully the stand tomorrow night. Then it will be putty and sanding, and finally priming and painting. Ill post pictures of the work in progress this evening for anyone interested.
  3. I just wanted to add that I built a desk last year that did not turn out. The reason was the drawer was too tall, the desk just was not comfortable at all, to much space between the top of the leg and the top of the desk. I finished it and it ended up being a hall table. Just a word to the wise. Bois had a great little video on his blog about using foam sheets to build a mock up. I haven't tried this yet but perhaps with a project as complex as this it may not be a bad idea. Not sure how the curves would work though. I would definitely do a mock up of some sort. I draw all of my projects in sketchup before construction but I have started building mock ups, they are a life saver.
  4. Hi H3nry, Great looking hall table. Really pretty design. I like the medalian at the bottom, it really sets it apart. The only thing I think I would add to the comments is thinning the design up here and there. For example, on the drawers take them down from 3/4 to 3/8 thickness. The nice thing about this is if you are using true 4/4 stock alot of time you can get two drawer sides out of one piece. Also thinning the legs might lighten the design a little. Its a delicate design which I love but I think some of the parts are a little chuncky. Just a little positive critisim. Great Job!,
  5. So my wife came to me on Saturday about this great new furniture store online. She found a new TV console that she fell in love with, this made my stomic knot up, the last thing she fell in love with was a pair of end tables going for $500.00 each(thats 1000.00 bucks for you mathelites!) Needless to say I didnt go for it but just built them myself out of ash. They turned out great. She couldnt be happier and it only cost $80.00 hardware and all. I built them in a weekend, that means I made 920.00 in two days. Not bad huh. Some of these furniture stores are getting out of hand. Anyway back to the story at hand. The TV stand she picked out is here: I have to say I like the simple lines and low stance. She likes the paint grade version, I couldnt be happier, that will make it an MDF project. I figure with material, paint and some nice pulls I will have less than $200.00 in it and can build it in a weekend. That should save me around 250.00 plus shipping, not bad Id say. I spent Sunday drawing the plan in google sketchup. It is attached if you would like to take a look. It didnt really put my own spin on it but Im open to improvements if anyone has any good ideas. I know that this is a complete rip off of the origional but since its being used for personal use and not sold I dont see any harm in it. Any input on construction methods, aesthetics, or functional changes are welcome. The plan can be altered but I imported a model of a TV so it may say read only, you should still be able to alter the stand if you'd like. I look forward to ideas! TV_Stand.skp
  6. There are a couple of things I do to keep my shop clean. One is from an article, and one is just good old common sense. I read a great article one time. I think it was if Fine Woodworking about keeping a shop from getting out of hand. Its inevitable that a shop will get a little messy durring a project and this is ok to an extent. The article made a great suggestion that I made myself adhear to every day I worked in the shop. It said when you walk in the shop pick up and put away at least 20 things if possible, this can be anything from a clamp to a router bit. Then at the end of the day when your all done put away 20 things. This was really hard to make myself do at first but after a while it becomes second nature. Now this doesnt always work, I think we have all been called away from the shop at a moments notice for one reason or another, but whenever possible try this, it really does work. The other thing I do is get really ridiculous about tool orginization. Every single thing in my shop has a home. Do not have miscellaneous junk drawers! You will never find your tools and will be frustrated as hell. Instead have a drawer for layout tools(pencils, squares, tape measures, etc. Its easy to whip open that drawer and through something in it, and if there isnt a bunch of screw drivers, and drill bits in there its easy to find things. I have a place just for "Fastener tools" this is my drill and nail gun shelf. These are just examples but you get the idea, give everything a home. It makes cleaning up way faster. I know you have been cleaning up at one point or another and found yourself staring at something in your hand wondering where in the hell do I put this thing, remember you just wasted valuble shop time doing that so find it a home. Just some tips that work for me.
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    Personally I think this is just amazing. Why dont we build buildings like this anymore. With all the labratory testing on building materials and the latest and greatest technology there is no way these new houses and shops will ever last 400 years! Structures for the most part these days are cheap pieces of crap if you ask me. Id love to own a building like this. Not to mention everything this building has seen over the years. Just simply amazing.
  8. Hey Everyone, I wanted to see how many woodworders there were under the age of 30 on this site. This seems to be predominantly an older persons sport. How old are you. What type of Projects have you tackled and what would you say your favorite one was? Im just curious and looking for other woodworkers out there I can relate to. By the Way I'm 25 from Bolivar Mo. I build furniture as a hobby. I love it and wish it were my full time profession, maybe it will be someday . My most recent project was a pair of end tables for my wife. That is the type of thing I usually build but would love to tackle a guitar. Hope to hear from alot of people!!!!