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  1. Original poster here-thanks for the advice. Cracks are random and as additional picture shows are throughout the table and mostly long in length but very thin. Table has not been used much and came this way when purchased so I'm surprised it's failing this way. Pricey dining room table so not sure I want to start pouring superglue in the cracks and becoming the sandman. Rather have someone who has done this multiple times attack her. Maybe someone can reco a person in the boston area? Or if you've injected crack in the superglue and sanded and got great results - I'm game. Total sand and re-epoxy sounds like a lot of work.
  2. Dining room table developed hairline cracks in surface in many places and directions as shown in attached picture and looking for a way to repair them. Not sure if it is an epoxy or very thick polyurethane on it that is cracked. Will I need to sand it all off and completely refinish or is there a way to fill these cracks, sand, repeat? I heard of magic with superglue and sanding but would hate to try something and destroy the table or create more work. Looking for help or recommendation for a rock star in Boston who can make the table right!