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  1. Ok, I will! Sure is worth a try, if it works. Thanks!
  2. Just a tool supply store. Take your $ and see how fast they can get you out the door. Hopefully Drew will chime in, with what he did with all those blades that broke on him. By the way...Laguna DOES stand behind their product, if they determine it was defective.
  3. Just got one of these. Beefy, and very nice."+aluminum+straight+edge&qid=1662509736&sprefix=powertec+24+aluminum+straight+edge%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-1
  4. Do you guys know anyone who repairs (welds) broken bandsaw blades? I know Drew had some problems with a few Resaw Kings a while back. Now I have 2 of them sitting out of commission..
  5. Wow, that's a shame. Crazy cool grain pattern. I also have a walnut root ball, still in the ground, from a 20" tree I cut down a couple years ago. I'll get that out of the ground this fall.
  6. I know turners like them for bowls, and custom knife makers like it for handle scales. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with it. If I knew for sure what a few practical uses would be, that would help me figure out how to handle the root ball after it is out of the ground. I know one thing for sure...I'm not going to let it go to
  7. I have access to a root ball from a hard maple, that has a 25" diameter trunk at the base. Actually, I'm getting 5 sections of the tree, also. question is this: We all know a black walnut root ball has fantastic figure properties, and is highly sought after if you can find one. Does a hard maple root ball have the same qualities? If this is something worth going after...I have free access to it. It will be "big"! Also, what style of woodworking would be most likely to utilize the "burl" qualities from a maple root ball? And lastly, what dimensions or size would I slab it...or saw it into to be best utilized for various wood working projects?
  8. At the risk of sounding like a cheapskate...I removed the rivets on a sheetrock square, disassembled it, and ended up with a short and a long straight edge.
  9. I've been repairing a lot of walnut imperfections like in your pic, with epoxy and brown dye. Matches very well. Also try to save some walnut sanding dust from your random orbital sander, and mix that in with clear epoxy. That works, too. Don't forget to cut all the rotten, or soft wood, out. I use different shaped picks.
  10. He must have a bandsaw mill set up someplace else. Then hauls lumber to his store.
  11. Ronn, do you know who does all his sawing? There is a guy in Cambridge that has a sawmill...just to produce lumber for woodworkers. He does mostly slabs, but I think he'll saw lumber for individuals, too. I've been lucky, I've used a guy in Isanti for the last 4 years, and he cuts the lumber exactly how I want it. I'm pretty sure I have a lifetime supply of walnut, white oak, and red oak stickered, stacked, and drying. Well...dry. But, I still want to cut up one more big white oak off of Dad's farm. Just in
  12. A little wood glue mixed with some walnut sanding dust should fill that gap nicely.
  13. What do you guys do with your cutoffs? Throw them, or save them? I fill up bins and 55 gal barrels and burn them in the fire ring, along with firewood, at cocktail hour.