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  1. A little wood glue mixed with some walnut sanding dust should fill that gap nicely.
  2. What do you guys do with your cutoffs? Throw them, or save them? I fill up bins and 55 gal barrels and burn them in the fire ring, along with firewood, at cocktail hour.
  3. Pretty simple, Ronn...I just want to build a full size kitchen table, solid 2" oak from the slabs I have here at home, with 2" legs of some nice design. All joined with mortise and tenon joinery. The way my back has been lately, I don't think I could handle the build without my overhead hoist. We don't have enough room for one, and I don't have any friends that are looking for one. So, unless I find a buyer, it might just be a pipe dream...
  4. I lied. I forgot about the first trip, 3 years ago. Add $150.00 for the saw
  5. I have close to $10,000 worth of rough sawn oak and walnut, both in my shop...and outside. I paid $125.00 for the first batch, and $175.00 for the second my sawmill guy. Trees I cut down, and took to the sawmill. I can do a lot of jointing and planing for $9,000.00. And I get what I want when I do.
  6. Thanks guys! I'll get on the Timber Mate right away.
  7. What brand/kind of wood filler are you guys using...for brads, nails, crappy miter joints, or whatever...that does a good job of accepting stain. I bought a big tub of Min Wax filler for filling worm holes in my rough cut lumber that I mill and finish, and brad holes in trim, etc. I'm not happy at all with the color match after stain. It's always lighter, and really stands out. There has to be something better. I will say, however, that my mix of glue and sanding powder works pretty good, better than the commercial. What are you guys happy with?
  8. roughsawn

    Hearing Aids

    Sounds like blackmail. Ok, I can give you 3 BF rough sawn red oak. 5/4 slab.
  9. roughsawn

    Hearing Aids

    I only wear mine in public, and watching tv. Never anywhere that is loud, like fishing/boating...or in the shop. I can turn mine to 4 diff sound/frequencies. Mine are Starkeys, and they do what they are supposed to do. I got all the tuning and adjusting done at an audiologist. I would suggest that. There is always tuning and adjusting as you get used to them. A year or so ago, on one of my competition shooting forums, there was a very big, long, and involved thread on hearing aids. Alot of very influential guys that can get whatever they want. Several times, the hearing aids that are sold at Costco (by whoever) kept coming up with great reviews by people that were very happy with them. Still wondering about that. Get rechargeable batteries, and work thru an audiologist. My 2 cents worth. The good ones can be tuned by the person wearing them, on their phone. Just download an app at time of purchase. Ronn, there is a great audiologist right by you (Chan). I can give you her contact info if you want. She's kinda hot, too. (or, was 4 years
  10. Thanks for the jig tutorial. I picked up on the always routing down hill. Great idea.
  11. Thanks gee-dub. Interesting pros and cons. I'm surprised to hear that the MDF will sag over time. I absolutely want to avoid that. My original post was kind of long winded, but my needs are pretty simple: 1) Large flat surface, that stays flat...and will hold up to abuse. 2) Sturdy base, half lap or M&T, weight not an issue, that can be moved. 3) Ability to install a cabinet with 6 big drawers underneath. 4) A vise of some sort, end or corner, for occasional hand work and general clamping. I guess I better not rule out laminating 2X4's.