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  1. Could be.....I want to do some glue ups using 3/4 stock and end up with 1/2" pizza peels. I could plane the 3/4 down to 5/8 or less, glue up, and then go through a drum sander? Also, I'm making cutting boards. Glue up 6/4 and I want to end up with around 5/4. It seems to me that a planer would make that final pass nice leveling everything. I have a Dewalt 735 but I'm game if a drum sander would work for what I'm after. Weigh in.
  2. I have a business a block away where the guy allows me to drive his forklift to my house and take things off of the truck. I borrowed it last to get my Grizzly 1023RLWX table saw off of the truck. Nice to take it right up to the door of the shop. I just slid it inside until I could weld together my mobile base. Then was the challenge....three of us picking that saw up and setting it in the base. Once in was in there, I could move it around easily.
  3. I've read the Taiwan products are of a better quality than the China products. Agree? #2 Where are the Griz W machines coming from? Jet?
  4. "New factory".....wonder where? Where are the Gizzly's made? How about the Jet? China?????
  5. The 735 is what I have now and I really have no complaints but I'm looking at doing some glue-ups that would require more than 12.5" or 13". Grizzly 5hp helical = $2200, Jet 5hp helical $2900 w/ free shipping. New Jet equipment is usually a little over priced IMO but it's on sale and the shipping is worth almost $200. I have a Grizzly 5hp table saw and am really happy. Wonder if there is a big quality difference between the two?
  6. Looking to make a purchase - Rockler has the Jets on sale with free shipping. I am a hobby woodworker but I don't want to barely get by on the power so I'm asking 3hp or 5hp? Why would I need the 5hp? Also, If I get the regular knives now, could I upgrade to a helical head pretty easy or is it better to take the plunge now? Thanks Tim
  7. My thinking is both tires have been on the saw the same length of time and have the same wear. Replace both since the other one could fail at any moment and it will never be a convenient moment. Also, replace it while you're in the swing of things and you don't have to remember later, "Now how did I do that?"
  8. Congrats to you guys....I don't smoke so I don't really know how you feel except I equate it to my stopping eating or begin eating rabbit food for a year....yikes!
  9. Welcome back! We're wearing life jackets in SC but hey....it's rain....it will be over soon.
  10. HEY.......I'VE COME THIS FAR..........WHY NOT????
  11. Now the inevitable question.....is the 150/3 THAT much better??? It is about 6 times the price of a ROS like a Dewalt. I understand that if you've talked yourself into spending that kind of money...... on a sander, .....you've apt to defend the purchase. I understand that tendency. What I am looking for is someone to honestly rate the product with no other influences. See, I've never used a 150/3 so from a totally ignorant standpoint.....my little yellow Dewalt sands things.....it seems good.... it has dust collection and I have it mated into my DC....so why spend the drachma on a 150/3?
  12. If you leave it on max suction, does it overwork the CT vac? Otherwise, it seems more is good.
  13. Yup...dat boy really drank the koolaid....
  14. So is it an option to buy the 150/5 and use it with a shop vac or mate it to the DC system? Will you get the same results? I'm particularly interested in airborne dust.
  15. Every time I make a cut, I think "you're picking up a rattlesnake". It's still easy for the mind to wander. Glad you're ok. Make a picture of the image you showed us and tape it to your band saw.
  16. Welcome! Good place to hang out. Saw dust R Us
  17. I think there's a consensus...you can come to any of our houses and build some "shop furniture" ...........for our house!
  18. Pens, small bowls, small vases, etc. If you are going toward turning, get a little bit larger lathe that will do more and still work with the small stuff. Until you're sure you want to do this, I'd look for a used one.
  19. Wouldn't it be something if you DYED the other to match and then DIED. The coroner & funeral guys would be really confused. Heck, it would be confusing now so please try to live...ok?
  20. The Chiefs of the Blackfoot Indian Nation will permit your entry.....but you must be a squaw.