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    All types - My company builds custom furniture, cabinets and etc. I'm looking to expand my knowledge.
  1. I know there are other woodworking blog sites out there but by far this is my fav! I love all the available info you get from fellow woody's. Not only that, I love the confidence building that goes on as well. I read on someones forum that part of the steps they were inquiring about on a project they ended with "Pretend I know how to do this stuff" and someone immediately posted to them to "have confidence that you CAN do this"...that was absolutely wonderful! To me personally things like that help even more when I'm frustrated about a project or feeling slightly down about my abilities or etc
  2. That is horrible! But I completely understand. After I got burned like that once I started treating "them" like I treat normal customers. They get an invoice with the listed duties and when its signed off on and a deposit is given only then do I do the work. That has help relieve soooo much stress!
  3. I agree with the price increase for the unwanted jobs. At my shop we call that the 'PITA' rate...Pain In The A...
  4. The question you would need to ask yourself is do you trust your woodworking skills enough to put a baby in one of your creations. Not to mention will it be able to stand up to all the wear and tear babys/toddlers put on their beds. However if you do decide to build one don't forget to: 1)get that clear chew tubing for the top of the rails. (Rockler sales the teething rails) 2)get the correct type of finish since babys chew on the rails and such. (Rockler sales a Toy Makers finish thats non-toxic once cured. Should be good enough for a crib) 3)complete the bed about 2+ months in advance
  5. Yeah for a solid slab the only thing I can think of as well is the edge molding. Unless you do some inlay work on the door. The Wood Whisperer has a podcast vid on it. Hope this helps
  6. Great ideas above. I personally use either the spline method or the half lap joint. Hope this helps
  7. I agree with the postings above. It would be best to use a piece of hardwood as your track system. I thought about the edge banding but its hard to keep it secured with the door going back and forth. You can always use a bandsaw and cut a thin hardwood veneer strip to cover the edges. Just glue and pin nail. Hope this helps
  8. CraftyLady


    Oh that came out nice!
  9. I have a scroll saw. I figured it would be a great multitasker
  10. I saw a really great infomercial on a product called BladeRunner. I wanted to know has anyone tried it and get your input before I go buy one. Thx my fellow Woody's
  11. I hear those fatigue mats are pretty good. I bought some steel toe survivors from wally world. They are fine unless I'm standing in one spot to long like when I use my scroll saw. Gonna probably get some gel inserts. Hope this helps
  12. Hi rjwolfe3, Welcome to the club I look forward to checking out your work I've only been on here for a short while but so far this is my fav woodworking forum yet. Hope you enjoy
  13. It didn't work with my firefox either. Had to watch from my I.E.